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We are all going through changes, or is it just the spring?

The winds are turning, and with them it seems like change is everywhere

We are all going through changes, or is it just the spring? The winds are turning, and with them it seems like change is everywhere

It might be the first new moon of spring that we just had in Pisces, bringing up creative, dreamy, attitudes where we’re reimagining and reexamining our lives to find what serves us best, or maybe it’s as simple as the changing of the seasons. You see change happening all around — The Biebers are on the rocks, Ye is climbing back up the popularity ladder one stunt at a time, and our beloved fashion icon Iris Apfel has passed away marking the end of an era.

With each of these changes happening in the celebrity world, we see similar instances happening on a personal level. Everyone is breaking up, getting together with someone new, starting a new business, moving across the world, or turning their life around completely in some way. With all this change can come some bumps in the road, and it can be scary to see your life change completely overnight.

How spring influences us in changes

We’re breaking free from our winter hibernation and embracing the warmth of spring. The sun is out a little longer, the birds are singing their songs again, and the flowers are blooming. Spring is a welcome respite from the past few months of (seemingly) unending cold and gray weather where rebirth is all around us. We’re emerging from our cocoons, taking a look around, and deciding what’s right for us.

Seasonal Change and Spring Fever


This season of change doesn't have to be scary. Maybe you’ve been stuck in a relationship that isn’t serving you anymore, much like the Biebers, where you need to reevaluate how you want to be loved. Or, maybe you’ve decided to pursue a new creative venture that’s taking you down a new path that’s both exciting and scary. Whatever path you’re heading down, face it head on.

Why is Change So Hard?

If you’re being faced with some difficult decisions, it might be time to embrace change. It’s never easy to embark into the unknown, and being faced with change can be scary but it’s always worth it. Let yourself be pushed out into a new adventure — let the energy of the world around you uplift you, you might be surprised at how things turn out. Usually, it’s the most difficult decisions that end up giving us the greatest reward.

There’s a reason why spring is considered the most hopeful season — mimicking the energy of the Earth around us, everything is growing again. With that growth comes positivity, creativity, and the ability to overcome. We’re motivated again, not bogged down by bad weather, but instead inspired by the world around us.