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It's time to organize an Oscar watch party

Tips and ideas for an evening with friends

It's time to organize an Oscar watch party Tips and ideas for an evening with friends

For years, the Oscars have not been so eagerly anticipated. Online discussions abound, as do predictions; the fervor is as intense as it gets, perhaps only rivaled by that at the stadium during the Milan vs. Inter derby. The films in contention have been wildly popular, from Barbie to Poor Things, passing through Oppenheimer. Lily Gladstone or Emma Stone? Anatomy of a Fall or Perfect Days? How many statuettes will Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy take home in the end? Will Italy succeed with Io Capitano by Matteo Garrone? We don't know, and we can't wait to find out. There's only one way to make this event even more thrilling: watching it together with friends, and if they disagree with us, even better—it'll make the evening (or rather, the night) even more interesting. And even if you've seen few films, it's always worth taking a look at the red carpet.

Where to Watch the 2024 Oscars

One thing to make clear before organizing parties and watch parties is that the Oscars are not for the faint of heart or for those who need sleep. The ceremony takes place on the night between March 10th and 11th, and the time zone is Hollywood's. This year, the Italian rights are in the hands of Rai, which will broadcast the red carpet and ceremony on both Rai 1 and live streaming on RaiPlay starting from 11:30 PM, hosted by Alberto Matano. The ceremony will start after the red carpet, around 1 AM local time. So make sure you don't have anything important to do the next morning, or at least have a caffeinated beverage on hand.

Themed Cocktails and Snacks

A live broadcast, many friends, zero sleep, a can or two of Monster. What's missing? Comfy but not too comfy pillows (otherwise, you might fall asleep), lots of snacks (besides the usual popcorn, get creative with savory pies, and don't forget vegetarian and vegan options, as always when hosting a party) also themed, thinking about what the protagonists of your favorite films of the year eat, from pasteis de nata by Bella Baxter to Japanese food from the habitual protagonist of Perfect Days or canned pineapple from The Boy and the Heron. To make the event even more special and thought out, you could set up a sort of bar corner in your room or kitchen, with everything you need to recreate themed cocktails and mocktails. Ideas abound: you could create a super sweet one, pink and with cotton candy for Barbie, have Martini glasses ready to honor the inventor of the atomic bomb (or rather, the film written about his remorse) or simply scotch, Leonard Bernstein's favorite.

@tipplesandtonics BARBIE Margarita 100% sure that Barbie would approve of this cocktail Pink shimmer ice using @Enchanted Drinks shimmer #cocktails #barbiegirl #barbiedoll #pinkcocktail #tipplesandtonics Barbie World - <3
@fazdrink Rob Roy 60ml Scotch Whisky 20ml Vermute Doce 3 lances Bitter Aromático Este drink é uma variação do clássico Manhattan que vai Bourbon Whiskey. Cheers!
@middaymartini Why is no-one talking about this? #oppenheimer #oppenheimermovie #martini #oppenheimercocktail #honeylime #ginmartini original sound - Universal Pictures

Fantasy Oscars and Other Games

Even though Italy doesn't have a well-oiled machine like the Fantasanremo for the Oscars, this shouldn't stop you and your guests from creating one among yourselves. You can print out cards or set up an online form, make your predictions, put them in a box before the awards begin, and then, once the ceremony is over, check the results. The person with the most correct guesses wins a pizza, a spritz, or eternal glory in the form of a Cinema Master title (like Bradley Cooper's film). Furthermore, you can play fashion journalists by rating the guests' looks, adding a bit of spice to what promises to be an exciting evening. Who will win the style contest? You'll decide. And if you prefer to sleep, fear not: the videos, memes, and winners will still be there the morning after, ready to be caught up on so you don't suffer from FOMO.