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Dark feminine energy and rich husbands: it doesn't exactly sound like a feminist achievement

Are we back to considering women a commodity to be bought?

Dark feminine energy and rich husbands: it doesn't exactly sound like a feminist achievement  Are we back to considering women a commodity to be bought?

Girls should demand more, and there's no doubt about that. From the world, from life, from their careers and education, from themselves, and even from their relationships. There's a lot of work to be done in all fields. Whether it's friendships or otherwise. Especially, girls should demand more from the men in their lives, all of them. They should educate them, sure, steer them in the right direction. But they should also, however, expect from them the same care and attention that they pour into the relationship, efforts of healthy and adult communication, surprises. They should put themselves first. Now, an old concept is back in the spotlight, asking us to tap into our dark feminine energy to achieve all this and much more.

Dark feminine energy: how has its expression changed over time?

If just a few months ago the expression dark feminine energy included dark and esoteric drives, inviting to unleash one's full potential to conquer the best one could in life and to release one's desires and needs in a somewhat witchy way, also linked to female icons of horror movies like Jennifer's Body protagonist, now the expression has taken a slightly different turn. Maybe it0s because TikTok has been filled with Mormon propaganda, maybe the girlboss is dead and mob wife is in trend, the economic crisis makes us rediscover marriage as a source of security: the fact is that now social media witches warmly invite us to marry rich men, maybe even become stay-at-home girlfriends, demand gifts, trips, and taxis paid for by the men we date. And while fully understanding our worth and prioritizing our desires is essential for a satisfying and controlled life - without allowing anyone to take advantage of us - in this insistence on money there is something that doesn't convince us at all.

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The influencers of dark feminine energy

Among the forerunners of this movement of claims (lately mostly monetary) are creators who have become famous on YouTube and TikTok like SheRaSeven and TheWizardLiz. At the core of their content, the invitation for women to level up and stop wasting time with broke men. They are joined by Tiff Baira, Mimi Shou, and many others, who have gone viral for their content on where to meet rich bachelors in New York and how to identify the red flags that tell us a man cannot financially support the lifestyle we want and desire. For example, someone suggests taking for granted that our date sends a car to pick us up, and when we find out that he can't or hadn't thought about it, to treat him with disdain, or to use our seduction weapons to demand money and gifts in abundance.

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Watch out for these type of men

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A regressive message?

In the end, what are these influencers trying to tell us? To choose a wealthy life partner, because we deserve it, and to avoid the poor ones, because they cannot provide all the beautiful things we should have. However, this message takes away women's agency and confirms stereotypes about gold diggers. And while living for work is wrong, the environment can prove to be toxic and the job market unfair, this does not negate that having our own money makes us autonomous and independent. There's nothing wrong with wanting nice things for ourselves, wanting to build a life of comfort within the limits of prevailing consumerism. The problem arises when these comforts are sought in someone else's money. Choosing a partner based on their wealth is wrong, it makes us economically dependent on someone other than ourselves. We are simply putting ourselves up for sale to the highest bidder, ignoring all the other things we should seek in an equal and balanced relationship, made of adult people who take care of each other and cultivate their emotional intelligence.