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5 things you may not know about the new season of "Mare Fuori"

From new cast entries to OVS's collection dedicated to the series

5 things you may not know about the new season of Mare Fuori From new cast entries to OVS's collection dedicated to the series

The wait is over; as of February 14, the latest 6 episodes of Mare Fuori 4 are available on RaiPlay, adding to the first part of the new season released on February 1. Rai 2 has also chosen Valentine's Day to broadcast the series on free-to-air TV, with two episodes every Wednesday in prime time. After seeing part of the cast at the Sanremo 2024 Festival perform a controversial monologue on femicide and gender violence, it's time to return to the imaginary Institute of Juvenile Detention in Naples, to follow the stories of its inmates with their mix of drama, redemption, love, and plot twists.

Where were we?

The third season concluded with a cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering how the protagonists' stories would unfold. What will be the fate of Carmine Di Salvo and the Rome and Juliet-style love story with Rosa Ricci, the sister of the boy who hated him the most at the IPM and the daughter of the rival mafia family? In the last episode, Rosa, holding a gun, will she choose love for Carmine and for her family? Who fired that accidental shot? What dark past does Sofia, the new director, hide? How will Cardiotrap react to the betrayal by Crazy J, who stole a song from him? In short, there are many unresolved issues.

The official plot of Mare Fuori 4

The series protagonists metaphorically find themselves navigating open seas. Rosa, Carmine, Mimmo, Kubra, Dobermann, Cucciolo, and Micciarella all experience the awareness of no longer being attached to family and must now overcome their deepest fears and face life. Similarly, Pino, Edoardo, Cardiotrap, Giulia, and Silvia must do so despite the weight of family ties still conditioning their lives. It's time to grow, understand who they want to become, and what they desire to be. Now, the majority of the inmates are adults. Change is inevitable, and all the IPM kids must learn to manage the consequences of what happened at the Piscina Mirabilis.

Now that we have clarified the content of the new episodes, here are 5 things you may not know about the new season of Mare Fuori:

Expect a tougher story and more strained relationships among the protagonists

The first spoilers, or rather, hints about the fourth season of Mare Fuori, were given by Ivan Silvestrini. During the presentation of the new episodes, the director used a metaphor to suggest that we should expect an evolution of the protagonists who, alone without emotional support, must grow and understand who they want to be. Not to mention the increasing tensions with the new director, leading to an inevitable clash. As Silvestrini explains: "Those who have listened to music on vinyl or cassette in life remember that albums were divided into side A and side B. Often, if the first side contained catchy and impactful songs, the second side led the album towards more profound, introspective moments - the director declared - This is how I see this fourth season, as the more intense and emotional side B of a great story that began with the arrival of Rosa Ricci and her fateful encounter with Carmine Di Salvo."

There are 2 extra episodes

The fourth season of Mare Fuori consists not of 12 but of a whopping 14 episodes. For the joy of fans, the production has created two extra episodes. So, those following the series on Rai 2 will have to wait until March 27 to see the finale. Once again, the reason for this choice is explained by director Ivan Silverstrini on IG: "We wanted to make a Mare Fuori film after this season, but since the priority is always to release a season every twelve months, we couldn't do it this year; it was postponed. However, in a sense, we still did it. These films, these extra 100 minutes, will be released tonight. This season will have two extra episodes, representing what I wanted to do to celebrate this fourth year of Mare Fuori. They are a kind of giant special episode that we wanted to give you and that contains everything you have been waiting for and perhaps feared. However, it will be a memorable moment, for sure." Silvestrini also advises not to binge-watch the new season but to enjoy the episodes gradually to not miss any details of what seems to be a surprise ending.

Mare Fuori 4: many new entries and some farewells

The new episodes close some storylines opened in the previous seasons and open other chapters. For this reason, there are characters we won't see again and others who arrive to animate the Juvenile Detention Institute in Naples. Among the actors we said goodbye to in Mare Fuori 3 are Gemma; Gateano o’ Pirucchio; Liz; the director Paola Vinci who left Campania for Ancona after Viola's suicide. In the first episodes we also said goodbye to Filippo Ferrari, known as “o’ Chiattillo,” who was at the Beccaria in Milan with his girlfriend Naditza. Among the new entries, notable names include Micciarella and Cucciolo's mother; Maria Ricci, Rosa's mother and Don Salvatore's wife; the mysterious Alina; Angelo, a young man from a wealthy family hiding a secret. The historic cast remains composed, among others, of Carmine Di Salvo and Rosa Ricci.

For Maria Esposito, the fourth season was challenging to film

In Mare Fuori, Maria Esposito portrays Rosa Ricci. During the new episodes, her character faces significant challenges, having to choose between love for Carmine and love for her family. The actress revealed that filming was challenging, both for what she had to face on screen and for the particular moment she was experiencing in her private life: "It was very difficult to face this character because Rosa suffers a lot, and while I was shooting, I was going through a period where I, too, was suffering. It was as if I never got out of that thing all day. And there's a scene that left a strong impression on me, in the third episode. When you see it, you'll understand why. When I returned home, I was very upset". Curious?

Thanks to OVS, today we can dress like the cast of Mare Fuori 4

If you like the style of the IPM boys, know that you can now buy the clothes that some of them are wearing in season four at OVS. B.Angel and Utopja have launched two Mare Fuori-inspired collections that mix Y2K inspiration, streetwear, utility codes and urban attitude. Remember the black tops worn by Rosa and Carmine while making pizza, Kubra's bomber jacket, Pino's teal tee, the one-shoulder top with cut-out details that Rosa accessorizes with lots of gold chains, or Crazy J's multicolor see-through tee? The collections also include cargo pants, faux-leather pants, sports jackets, joggers, tank tops, and shorts. The inspiration for wearing them? Obviously the guys in the series, masters of matching transparencies, layering items, alternating between tighter fits and oversized pieces.