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Kim Kardashian will produce and appear in docuseries about Elizabeth Taylor

Everything we know about the project

Kim Kardashian will produce and appear in docuseries about Elizabeth Taylor Everything we know about the project

A three-part docuseries on Elizabeth Taylor is coming soon, commissioned by the BBC, promising to unveil how the Hollywood diva created the model for modern celebrity. Titled (temporarily) Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar, the project involves Kim Kardashian as co-producer, who is also rumored to make appearances in some scenes, along with those who knew her best, including family members, friends, and colleagues. Among them are Dame Joan Collins, with whom she vied for the role of Cleopatra, close friend Carole Bayer Sager, schoolmate Margaret O’Brien from the MGM backlot, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, a prominent scientist who worked alongside the star in the fight against AIDS.

Here's everything you need to know and why Taylor is so important to Kim Kardashian.

Elizabeth Taylor, a true legend of cinema and more

She was one of the most famous and beloved actresses in the history of cinema, the "violet-eyed diva" who started acting at the age of 9, becoming a child star, and never stopped, stringing success after success. Her star, shining brightly, stood out for her beauty, talent, and a private life, amidst loves and a passion for jewelry, that continued to make headlines. She received 5 Oscar nominations for Best Actress, winning twice: in 1961 for her role in the drama Butterfield 8, and in 1967 for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. She married 8 times, two of them to Richard Burton. She worked alongside cinema legends like James Dean, Paul Newman, Montgomery Clift, and Rock Hudson. But there is much more to know about Taylor, from her ability to reinvent herself to her commitment as an activist and philanthropist. The new docuseries promises to highlight all these aspects.

What the docuserie on Liz Taylor will cover

The docuseries aims to narrate Taylor's acting skills and technique, presenting a nuanced image beyond the superficial portrayal and soap opera, often focused only on her eight marriages, diamonds, and addictions. "This series gives Elizabeth Taylor the importance she deserves in all her incarnations: as an actress, rebel, business magnate, and activist, revealing how Taylor created the model for modern celebrity." Through interviews with those who knew her, unreleased audio tapes, never-before-seen television footage, and excerpts from the actress's personal film archives, the project aims to honestly portray Taylor, showing how she changed the relationship between the public and Hollywood stars, breaking Hollywood's glass ceiling, becoming a billionaire entrepreneur, an activist, and a supporter of many charitable causes. Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar will also delve into when and how she "broke the glass ceiling in Hollywood, before becoming a billion-dollar entrepreneur and activist."

Kim Kardashian's Passion for Elizabeth Taylor

There has always been a special connection between Kim Kardashian and Elizabeth Taylor. The founder of Skims has always considered the actress her beauty icon, as well as a role model in her career and life. She has been collecting jewelry that belonged to Taylor and was also the last person to interview the Hollywood legend before her death in 2011. Parts of that interview will appear in the docuseries of which Kim is a co-producer. Speaking about Taylor and the project, she said: "Elizabeth Taylor was unapologetically herself, a fighter, she is proof that you can keep evolving and changing and have different chapters in your life – and she paved the way for all of us who came after her with that blueprint."