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Experiences to try on Valentine's Day

Ideas for spending a special Feb. 14: from sensory dinner to a night under the stars

Experiences to try on Valentine's Day Ideas for spending a special Feb. 14: from sensory dinner to a night under the stars

Valentine's Day is approaching, and for those who are in a relationship, the fateful question of what to do for Valentine's Day returns. Finding an experience to share with our crush is not easy. The problem is that faced with so many options, our brain falters, creativity abandons us, and anxiety rises on how to make our sweetheart feel loved. We could have a marathon of romantic movies, relive our first date, get a tattoo, learn to make pottery like in Ghost, or bake a cake, go on a romantic getaway, lock ourselves in the bedroom, spend the night under the stars or in the snow, try a blindfolded dinner, or go back to being teenagers with a bowling match and a karaoke song. What really matters is who we are with. G-Club takes care of the rest, offering some ideas for a fun, romantic, and hot Valentine's Day.

Magical Valentine's Day

A bit Disney fairy tale, a bit dive into history. Sleeping in a castle combines magic, history, and romance. Throughout Italy, many historic residences allow overnight stays for a true experience fit for princes and princesses. Just a stone's throw from Gubbio is the Castello di Petroia with its frescoed rooms and antique furniture. In San Casciano, Tuscany, there is the Castello di Bibbione, now transformed into a farmhouse surrounded by greenery, overlooking the hills of Chianti and the Val di Pesa. Perfect for February 14th is the Castello di Gabiano in Piedmont, with its luxury suites located within a 260-square-meter estate. An area with a medieval and enchanted mood to explore among vineyards, an amphitheater, a pond, and a boxwood maze.

Relaxing Valentine's Day

For lovers of wellness, but also for those who want to unplug, relax, and indulge in some pampering with their partner, there is nothing better than a day at the spa. From the Monticello Spa to the Terme di Saturnia, from the Lefay Resort & Spa to the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa, these are luxury facilities that offer fitness areas, saunas, thermal baths, pools, massages, aesthetic treatments that blend body and mind, sensory environments, and even breathtaking views.

Love-Intoxicated Valentine's Day

If Sideways is your go-to couple comfort movie, and every time you go to a restaurant, you spend more time studying the wine list than the menu, then you could opt for a Valentine's Day among wineries, vineyards, and glasses of good wine. For example, Donnafugata, the historic Sicilian winery, opens the doors of its cellars in Marsala, Contessa Entellina, Pantelleria, Etna, and Vittoria for guided tours, professional tastings, and refined pairings. Can you already feel your taste buds exploding? A sip of Sicilian wine is enough to get intoxicated with love, the perfect mood for February 14th.

Sweet Valentine's Day

Veronica Boienti sparked the trend of Ugly Cakes in Italy, but ugly cakes have now become a tradition to celebrate with humor. Colorful, creamy, cloying, overly decorated, imperfect, in full 90s American style, their true characteristic is the provocative, funny, and ironic writings. You can refine your pastry skills by learning to make your own with the Ugly Cake couples course: Valentine's Day special at ReD Academy. And once you're done cooking, you can devour it together, however and wherever you like...

Valentine's Day in the Snow

For those who love the mountains, you can opt for a Valentine's Day in the snow. Not the usual one on traditional ski slopes or in a cabin in front of the fireplace, but on a sled pulled by dogs or horses. Sleddog will allow you to dash through snowy landscapes, wooded paths, and picturesque valleys on a sled guided by trained dogs in the tranquility of alpine nature. Not just outings. There are many experiences where, after an initial briefing with the instructor, you can drive the sled with the dogs. For an unforgettable adventure between Frozen and Balto.

Valentine's Day under the Stars

Imagine: a small suite immersed in nature, where it's just you, your love, and the starry sky. Is there anything more romantic? This is what Friland offers with its tiny eco-friendly houses equipped with everything you need: a bathroom, kitchen, a comfortable bed, and a huge window with views of the most beautiful panoramas of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A hospitality project that combines Into the wild with romance, to be moved by the beauty of the person you have in front of you illuminated by the rising sun or for a very long kiss under the stars.

Blindfolded Valentine's Day

Does a Valentine's Day dinner seem too cliché? Then you should try a sensory dinner, where participants are blindfolded and immersed in darkness. Without sight, the other senses sharpen. Smells, tastes, touch, even conversation become crucial to understand what is being tasted and to rediscover the person with whom you are sharing this special experience. A way to awaken sensations and feelings while waiting to enjoy dessert.

Vintage Valentine's Day

Sometimes you don't need to do original, bizarre, or expensive things to enjoy the company of those we love. Just be together and let go. Even go back to being teenagers and rediscover the activities of when we had no money and big technologies at our disposal. Singing at karaoke, dancing, going ice skating or rollerblading, playing a game of bowling, spending an evening in the arcade, going on the Ferris wheel, sharing a hot chocolate, walking hand in hand, laughing, joking, playing, kissing, and discovering ourselves like teenagers full of joy, desire, and lightness.