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Christmas recipes for a brunch with friends

Between the Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas lunch, and New Year's Eve... is there room for a themed aperitif?

Christmas recipes for a brunch with friends Between the Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas lunch, and New Year's Eve... is there room for a themed aperitif?

The Christmas holidays are the perfect opportunity to gather with loved ones and create unforgettable moments... and what better way to celebrate the magical atmosphere of Christmas than with a brunch or a custom-made aperitif in the company of your dearest friends? In this article, we at nss G-Club have gathered for you the most delightful and themed ideas, for a Christmas break that transforms the sacred moment of the aperitif into a Christmas-friendly celebration. From delicious finger foods to sparkling drinks, get ready to have fun organizing a unique experience that will become a must for every future Christmas, where you can prepare together an unforgettable banquet, showcasing all your creativity.

The atmosphere of city lights and decorations in the center is not easily replicable, just like a good hot chocolate prepared by your favorite bar, but we want to suggest an activity that brings the magic of the holidays into your homes and adds a touch of novelty during the annual gift exchange with friends.

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You know the famous charcuterie boards that have taken over tables worldwide? Well, now imagine the same ingredients but in a different arrangement. In fact, cold cuts, cheeses, and olives will not be presented on the classic wooden board but on a polystyrene cone wrapped in plastic wrap where toothpicks will be used to hold the dishes in place. The recipe is very simple; what makes the difference is the mise en place: a Christmas table tree composed of the classic protagonists of the Italian aperitif. Get high-quality ingredients to create the most delicious - and beautiful - aperitif Christmas tree your friends have ever seen. Amaze them with a festive presentation using a golden or glittering serving plate that can make it even more special, as it will be obligatory to immortalize the moment with an Instagram story.

Glittery Cocktail

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With just two ingredients, you can create a cocktail more spectacular than you think. What is an aperitif without a accompanying drink? This drink is perfect to surprise guests on any occasion, but especially during the holidays when glitter reigns supreme. Cornstarch and water to prepare the glittery mixture, then any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink of your choice to flavor the cocktail and make it to your liking. If the drink turns out colorless, you can always resort to a food or natural powdered coloring, the same one used to create colored glazes for cakes. To start, pour the cornstarch into a saucepan with cold water, then let it boil until it reaches a dense cream-like consistency. At this point - if you like - it's time for the food coloring! To stay on theme, you could opt for a nice red or green, but nothing prevents you from making it worthy of a Barbie movie with a beautiful pink. Now it's time to spread the mixture on a large baking sheet covered with parchment paper so that it becomes as thin as possible once dry: it will need a day at room temperature for the cream to solidify, or, if you have organized the aperitif last minute, simply put it in a fan-assisted oven at 100° - with the door slightly open - until it reaches the desired solidity. Now all you have to do is blend everything you have obtained, and you will have a shiny powder similar to sugar granules to dilute in the chosen cocktail: et voilà! Your toast has never been so sparkling.

Gift Sandwich

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Along with the gifts under the tree, how about small edible packages based on speck and gorgonzola? Or salmon and Philadelphia? In the midst of the spread table for your aperitif, on a plate chosen specifically for the occasion, serve these simple little sandwiches based on any ingredient that can be functional to the purpose: they can become veg-friendly if you replace the "ribbon" with lettuce instead of cold cuts... as for the filling, all pâtés are useful! Since the gastronomic panettone has now become a savory variant of the traditional Italian panettone, known for being a Christmas sweet par excellence, transferring the same fillings to these gift sandwiches is a good idea.

@curiosincucina Pronti per gli aperitivi di natale? Prepara questi! #nataleinsieme #ricettenatalizie #aperitivo As an alternative to these cute gift sandwiches, we propose an equally scenic variant: the protagonists are still bread and fillings, but the shape changes! In fact, with the help of various layers, numerous ingredients that create a color contrast, and pointed wooden sticks, you can build Christmas tree-shaped skewers that will bring the same appetite to the table but in a different font.

Snowman Appetizers

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The next suggestion is perhaps the simplest but impactful: create small snowmen based on mozzarella, carrots, and black olives requires a lot of creativity and especially manual skills. Were you good at Christmas crafts proposed at school when you were little? Well, it's time to dust off your now-abandoned artistic skills and put them to work for the Christmas appetizer. The problem is not in fact piercing the mozzarella balls with wooden sticks, but it is decorating the "face" of the snowman. You will need to cut the carrots into tiny triangles that will protrude to make the snowman's nose, while with the black olives, you must be even more precise! Eyes, mouth, and various decorations like buttons and gloves can be very fun to add for a more personalized result - if you prepare them together with your friends, it could even be a small competition for the best... or worst result! - but be careful, as failure is just around the corner, and watch out for sharp blades.

Santa Hat Strawberries

Something sweet is missing on this table! Although it is not a seasonal fruit, it is a good idea to create these strawberry, coconut, and white chocolate hats. The recipe is very simple; you just need to melt the white chocolate in a double boiler in a saucepan and then dip your strawberries into the resulting cream. In another bowl, prepare the grated coconut and pass the fruit covered in chocolate into the mixture! Finally, after spending an hour in the fridge, they will be ready for the final touch: a small marshmallow on the top to create Santa Claus's hat pom-pom. This is the conclusion for your aperitif: Christmas brings with it inevitable sweetness, and that's why without a sweet variant, you can't finish beautifully.

This is not just a moment to test your cooking skills, even though the recipes we have provided are a simple example to create a top-notch Christmas banquet, but an experience of sharing and laughter to conclude the last month of 2023 with memories and photos to cherish forever. So, let's raise our glittery cocktails and toast to an extraordinary Christmas, made of unique recipes and indelible friendships. Merry Christmas and enjoy your meal!