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No one can tell us how we should dress anymore

Rules don't exist: it's the failure of the pure fashion influencer

No one can tell us how we should dress anymore Rules don't exist: it's the failure of the pure fashion influencer

Wearing black and brown, or maybe it's blue and brown? In any case, it's considered unfashionable. Black and blue should never be mixed. Your shoes should match your bag. Avoid wearing black to weddings. Ballet flats might not be the best choice as they can make your legs appear shorter. And remember, don't mix gold and silver jewelry. Also, avoid wearing too many patterns at once. These are just some of the clothing rules we've been told since we were young, for every special occasion and even before going to school. And let's not forget about formal attire or men's outfits, with ties, socks, and pocket squares all carefully chosen and regulated. The underlying message is clear: we should aim to look refined and be aware of unspoken customs, or we might be seen as uncultured, eccentric, or a bit old-fashioned.

Taylor Swift: Breaking Fashion Boundaries

During a highly-publicized appearance in New York before the release of '1989 Taylor's Version', Taylor Swift boldly broke one of these rules. She wore a black top under a brown jacket, paired with a mini skirt in a different shade of brown. To complete the look, she donned a pair of boots with heels in yet another color: a warm brown, almost a burgundy. This caused quite a stir, as the current top pop star dared to challenge a fundamental rule of modern fashion. A rule that's been passed down through generations from our mothers and grandmothers. It's amusing, but it also makes you think. If Taylor Swift, who isn't exactly known for pushing fashion boundaries, can do it, so can we. As if we needed her permission.

TikTok: Where Fashion Rebels Unite

The truth is, as norms and traditions in fashion (and in everything) crumble, young people are paying less and less attention to clothing rules. No more worrying about matching shoes and bags perfectly, or sticking to one metal color for our jewelry. Generation Z has shattered the old beliefs, giving rise to a multitude of styles, often referred to as 'cores'. These styles are seen daily on TikTok, where goth meets balletcore, and clowncore mingles with cleangirl. Subcultures are a thing of the past, and pretending to be something you're not doesn't even matter anymore. Clothing is now about expressing yourself, defying what's considered flattering or following dress codes. And as for rules? We don't need them anymore. We have nothing to lose.

@tinyjewishgirl Top and shoes @reformation original sound - clara

The Evolution of Fashion Bloggers

This raises an important question: what happens to fashion bloggers in this new era? If no one can dictate how young people should dress to be considered traditionally beautiful or cool, where do those fashion bloggers from the past decade fit in? These were the individuals who taught us how to pair our clothes, setting the standard for what should be done. They transitioned from blogs to Instagram, gaining fame along the way. The truth is, there's a reason why these web personalities are now seeking to reinvent themselves. Some are becoming entrepreneurs and tv-presenters, while others are turning to family vlogging, and more. Generation Z, who spends their days on social media, catching trends before they even surface, don't need to be influenced; they need to be inspired. Inspiration comes from various sources, and not all of them are within the realm of social media. Books, video games, movies, fanfiction, cartoons, toys - everything serves as inspiration, filtered through personal interpretation. If everything is a trend, then nothing is a trend. We don't need anyone to dictate what's in style anymore. It's a kind of a post-postmodernism era in everyday fashion, the one that doesn't care about high fashion, as it seeks out unique pieces in vintage stores or homemade creations.

Millennials and the Freedom to Choose

And what about millennials? They're at war with these deeply ingrained beliefs, trying to keep up with the times, or, on the contrary, choosing to stick to the lessons learned in their youth, firmly declaring, "Don't wear sandals with socks!" Ultimately, it boils down to the freedom to choose what to wear and how to wear it, regardless of age, rules or gender. Without preconceived notions and without passing judgment on others' choices. We don't need to wonder how to do it or who to imitate. The answer is no one, ourselves, or everything in the world, without making hierarchies. It's a holistic view of style that's hard to pin down and limit, and can open our way to dress to wonderful possibilities.