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Our favourite "daddies of the internet"

Yes, Pedro Pascal is on the list

Our favourite daddies of the internet Yes, Pedro Pascal is on the list

What do Pedro Pascal, Keanu Reeves, Jeff Goldblum, David Harbour, Oscar Isaac and Idris Elba have in common? The fact that they are actors and Hollywood stars? Wrong! They are all "internet daddies". There is something about them that makes them irresistible, a mix of charm and solidity that has social media ecstatic, where they are celebrated and revered as examples of the antithesis of toxic masculinity in videos, memes and photos. Internet Boyfriend Syndrome is a mature version of collective online infatuation. It seems to be the ultimate title for any celebrity who, despite no longer being in their twenties or looking as ephebic as Timothée Chalamet, captures the hearts of their fans, who are often much younger than they are. Let's be clear about this: Your mother would never call Chris Meloni aka Elliot Stabler from Law & Order - Special Victims Unit "Daddy"

Who is an "internet daddy"?

There is no particular portrait or list of standard characteristics that uniquely identify him. Nor does he have to have children in real life. As a rule, an "internet daddy" is a famous man who is in his "older years"," charming, charismatic, empathetic, trustworthy, protective, constantly vacillating between a gruff guy and a cream puff, but with a dash of (more or less, as the case may be) hotness. Yes, because love for the "daddy" can be platonic, but often it's not. Does the name Lenny Kravitz mean anything to you?

The origins of the term "daddy"

No, it wasn't Pedro Pascal who invented the figure of "Daddy" Five years ago, New York Times columnist Bonnie Wertheim christened 2018 "The Year Of The Daddy" in an article. Since then, the term has found its way into our cultural lexicon, but it existed long before that. One theory is that the term first appeared in the vernacular in 1681, when prostitutes used it to refer to their pimps or older clients. The best-known use, which existed as early as 1922, is short for "sugar daddy", an older man who supports a younger partner financially. In the 1970s, the gay community adopted the word to refer to the leather subculture, and the term "leather daddy" emerged to refer to an older man dressed in leather who takes a dominant stance. Over time, the word "daddy" has come to refer to an attractive man of advanced age. A meaning not too different from the currently popular "internet daddy"

It has little or nothing to do with the "daddy theme"

No, if you collect pictures of Colin Firth and Idris Elba, it doesn't necessarily mean that you suffer from a "daddy complex" or that the relationship you formed with your father in your childhood and early adolescence negatively defines your romantic and sexual sphere. And to be precise, "father complex" does not exist as a diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Attachment can be secure if both the child's material and emotional needs are met and there is a realistic sense of trust in the people with whom the relationship is established, or insecure if it is an unapproachable and unreliable parental figure. This can develop into adulthood, with a tendency to constantly develop a sense of abandonment and co-dependent behaviours. It's all very complicated and far from the ease of an "internet daddy" crush.

"Dad"," "Daddy" or "Zaddy"

Intuitively, we can understand that "Dad" in the social world is a father figure to whom one is not attracted; more subtle, however, is the difference between "Daddy" and "Zaddy" The former is a celebrity who gives off fatherly vibes but gets our heart pounding, our blood pressure rising and our palms sweating as if we were teenagers with our first crush. A "Zaddy" awakens our senses in a slightly wilder way, thanks in part to the greater dash of panache, style and je ne sais quoi with which it is endowed.

Here are our favorite "internet daddies":

Pedro Pascal

The unkempt beard, the 80s moustache, the look of a gruff, soft-hearted man. Add to that the protective role in the post-apocalyptic The Last of Us and it's clear to you why he was unanimously voted "cool, sloppy daddy".

Keanu Reeves

He's too good for this world. He's cool. He can dodge bullets and start a war against anyone who hurts his beagle puppy. We don't think we need to add anything else.

Idris Elba

Gets bonus points for his British accent, doesn't mess up in a dinner jacket or baggy jumper and trousers, loves music and if you have any doubts about his dad's vibes, watch the show Hijack.

Ryan Reynolds

He has three daughters, wears cardigans, prescription glasses and goes to football games. He also has a great sense of humour and super romantic declarations to his wife. Too cute.

Jason Momoa

What qualifies him? That he's Zoe Kravitz's stepdad. If he's a stand-up guy for her, he's a stand-up guy for us.

Lenny Kravitz

We could say that he really is the father of one of the coolest girls ever. But that would be falling short. He's on our list of favourite "internet daddies" because despite all these years, he's still the same: interesting, talented, charming, stylish. And he doesn't even deface in lederhosen and with a bare chest.

Jude Law

Raise your hand if you can resist that cheeky smile? We can't. He may not be the 20-something who did crazy things with Sienna Miller anymore, but he's still a top-notch heartthrob.

Colin Firth

Whether he's wearing an ugly Christmas jumper or a suit from Seville Road, Colin Firth is still the gentleman we'd all love to share dessert with at dinner.