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FightGently philosophy, to be kind is to be powerful

Intervista a Vanessa Villa, fondatrice della community di Guerriere Gentili

FightGently philosophy, to be kind is to be powerful Intervista a Vanessa Villa, fondatrice della community di Guerriere Gentili

FightGently is more than just a training method: it's a lifestyle that combines different disciplines, from meditation to yoga, from karate to tribal movements. FightGently was born in 2020 from an idea of sisters Vanessa Villa, karate and yoga masters, and has quickly become a full-fledged movement that has helped many people connect with themselves and reach greater inner awareness. Today, three years after its inception, FightGently is even more powerful thanks to its new website, But FightGently is not just a digital experience: since July 2021, the movement has also expanded to offline life, with retreats and workshops in places in nature where self-awareness, constant attention to body, mind and sharing are key ingredients. The Gentle Fighters community, composed mainly of women between 25 and 40 years old, continues to grow day by day thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of the two founders and their collaborators. FightGently is not only a movement, but above all a philosophy of life based on the discipline and strength that these activities teach and the inner awareness that they make possible. Being a Gentle Warrior means improving ourselves and the world around us through constant practice and sharing the core values that the movement stands for. And thanks to the new platform and the training of new FightGently teachers, this journey of personal growth and inner awareness will be within everyone's reach.

What exactly does "Fightgently" mean and how did the idea to create this portal come about?

FightGently literally means "Fight gently" It is the first discipline that transforms brave women into true gentle warriors through practice. The FightGently method is the fusion of 3 ancient practices: Yoga and meditation, the best of martial arts and the tribal world. The need to create a portal is the need of the tribe: to come together in one place (in this case, virtually) and practice a method that is beneficial to body, mind and spirit.

How did you approach the world of yoga and martial arts? Now that you are about to become a mother, have you developed a different relationship with these practices?

I started karate at the age of 8 and never stopped. I have won 6 national titles and am now a master. Yoga came later, at the age of 20, when at some point I realized I was not doing well even though I had everything from life. I realized that I needed to work on myself through a gentler practice and forget for a moment about performance, achievements and expectations of myself and others. I was as if reborn. Its merging into a discipline stems from the fact that I first experienced it on my own skin and experienced its myriad benefits. Now that I am about to become a mother, my practice has become even gentler and more understanding. On the website I have created a section just for pregnant women, precisely because practicing during such a special time is beneficial not only for us, but also for our babies.

In today's society, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find the perfect work-life balance. What are your tips for reducing stress?

The crazy daily pace, which sometimes seems inhuman, often causes us to lose touch with the natural rhythm of being human. When we get away from our true nature, we risk losing our mental and physical health, which is why it's important to practice observation and mindfulness. Let us stop for a few moments during the day and observe ourselves from the outside (without judging ourselves, but with a benevolent eye): How much time do we devote to work? How much for ourselves? How much for our loved ones? This kind of review is critical to restoring work-life balance. A tip for reducing stress? Remind yourself throughout the day to breathe, smile, and loosen your mind. Remember, nature is in no hurry, but all is accomplished.

Have you gone through difficult times or phases where the Fightgently practice has supported you and imparted strength? How did you recognize this?

It's clear. I just experienced the loss of my beloved grandfather in my fourth month of pregnancy. It was so painful, also because I felt enormous guilt for causing suffering and harm to my little child who was growing inside me. Nightmare. The practice helped me to accept this transition, to let go, to understand the natural cycle of things, and to imagine the transformation of my grandfather into something bright and omnipresent by my side. I realized that I am stronger than I ever thought myself to be, and that my FightGently practice will forever be my ally, even in the most difficult times.

What does it mean to be a Fightgently teacher and how did you realize you wanted to become one?

I never wanted to be a FightGently teacher. Rather, in my 20s, I dreamed of improving even a small part of our world. I did not know how yet, but I had faith in the universe and that all my passions would one day come together to create something unique and powerful. Just these days I am finishing the review of 2 new FightGently masters who will create their classes on the website. This is a great achievement, just 3 years after it was all just an idea in my head, I can now say that the method works and does people good. The only thing that matters.