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Vaginal- enhancing gummies: do we really need them?

The new product causing discussion is Kourtney Kardashian's gummy sweets

Vaginal- enhancing gummies: do we really need them? The new product causing discussion is Kourtney Kardashian's gummy sweets

Among the various products in the Lemme line, a new brand of health and wellness supplements, are candies that promise to improve vaginal health, but not only that, they also promise a sweeter, fresher vaginal taste. These candies are made from natural ingredients, pineapple juice, vitamin C and probiotics. The product launch capitalised on the importance of vaginal health to women's overall well-being. In the commercial, Kourtney urged all women to give their vaginas the sweet treat they deserve. The launch of Lemme Purr gummy candies has caused a lot of controversy. Some argue that the product is an unnecessary form of commercialisation and creates the notion that vaginal taste and smell should be enhanced and standardised; this state of affairs can make women feel inadequate and insecure about their bodies. The introduction of gummy sweets has once again raised the question of body positivity: Do we really need to worry about vaginal taste and smell? We risk women becoming victims of shame and lack of self-acceptance and undermining such a sensitive area as sexuality. Body positivity aims to encourage women to be confident and comfortable in their bodies, and not to constantly try to conform to society's standards of a perfection ideal; it would be absurd to have to worry about the taste and smell of one's vagina. Admittedly, this issue can hide a lack of self-knowledge. What all women need to know is that every vagina has its own smell and taste, which depends on the woman's experience, microbiota, pH, menstrual period and age.

Despite the growing messages of female body positivity, many women still have problems, especially in terms of sexual approach and self-acceptance. The idea that women must conform to the beauty standards imposed by society can leave women feeling inadequate, dissatisfied and frustrated with their physical appearance and their pursuit of the idea of perfection. Speaking specifically about the standardisation of the vagina, there is a danger that the message of a fresh smell, a perfect and universal taste will not only hurt women's self-esteem but also send the wrong message. We have been saying it for a long time, all vaginas are different, not only in terms of the external appearance of the vulva, the different size of the labia minora, the different complexion and texture, but also the inside of the vagina is different.

The vaginal odour already changes during the month due to the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle, which is due to biochemical and hormonal mechanisms. Already in the course of the month, the ph-value changes, the secretions change and thus also the smell. Another feature that determines the smell is the presence of lactobacilli, the so-called good army that protects our system. Of course, we need to look out for warning signs, signs of discomfort, a bad smell, a strange yellowish or greenish discharge that may indicate vaginosis, an infection, a state of discomfort of the vaginal microbiota. In this case, it is right to do further investigations. The most recommended and reliable test is the vaginal smear, a cultural smear that looks for the presence of vaginal bacteria or mycetes. In this case, depending on the results, the specific recommended treatment can be given. When bad smells occur, the solution is not to cover them up, but to look for the solution, because something might be wrong. The goal of the health of our vagina is to keep it healthy and balanced, to accept it with its changes both during the menstrual cycle and throughout life.