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Spice Girls get back together for King Charles

The long-awaited reunion could happen at the coronation next May

Spice Girls get back together for King Charles The long-awaited reunion could happen at the coronation next May

The rumor has been around for years, but now could be the right time: the Spice Girls may be reuniting for the first time in more than a decade during King Charles III's coronation festivities beginning next May 6. The last time we saw Geri "Ginger" Halliwell, Victoria "Posh" Adams, Emma "Baby" Bunton, Melanie "Scary" Brown and Melanie "Sporty" Chisholm together on a stage was at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. That concert marked Victoria's farewell to music, who did not even participate in the tour the other four band members organized in stadiums in 2019, preferring to focus on her career as a fashion designer and her eponymous brand. Since then, fans and nostalgic 90s fans have continued to dream of a reunion of all five girls. Some time ago there was talk about a new docuseries currently in production developed by the same creative team behind The Last Dance, the hit Netflix show chronicling Michael Jordan's career, but there has been no further word on the project. Now British tabloids claim that Spice will set aside any misunderstandings and personal work commitments to take part in the coronation of the new king. According to the well-informed, it appears that Mel B and Mel are doing everything they can to make it happen, and they are the ones who have given some hints in recent weeks about their participation in the event. Mel C expressed the band's displeasure at not having the opportunity to perform at Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, hinting that they would not miss another historic moment for Britain. Melanie B, on the other hand, revealed that she is working on a top-secret project with her colleagues, «I can’t tell you exactly, but there’s going to be something that is going to be announced pretty soon». It's a project we're very excited about. All five of us will be there." Could this really be the long-awaited reunion?

The Spice Girls have a long history with the future monarch. Their paths first crossed in 1997 at the Princess Trust Concert in Manchester, and the encounter became so famous that it was even recreated in the TV series The Crown. On that occasion Geri and Mel B broke all royal protocol, smooching Charles to the point of leaving red lipstick marks on his cheeks and possibly even pinching his bottom. Somewhat surprised and some embarrassed it seems that the then prince particularly liked the irreverent attentions of the two Spices, so much so that he invited the girl band to accompany him on a trip to South Africa, also recounted in Spare, Henry's controversial biography. In the years since, Charles and the artists have met many more times, testifying that there is some kind of special feeling between them. The shared past thus gives hope that Ginger, Posh, Baby, Scary and Sporty may indeed get back together, at least for one special evening, on the occasion of such a historic event as the coronation of the new king.