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So are Emily Ratajkowski and Brad Pitt dating?

According to rumors, there is a flirtation between the two

So are Emily Ratajkowski and Brad Pitt dating? According to rumors, there is a flirtation between the two

After Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid, a new couple may have been born in Hollywood. In recent weeks, rumors of a love story between Emily Ratajkowski and Brad Pitt have been multiplying in the American press. Insiders are quick to swear that "Brad and Emily spend a lot of time together," and although no one can say that the two "get serious," "they see each other very often."

Already in the summer there were rumors of flirtation, but it seems that the chemistry between the two celebrities was there before. About their first meeting there are conflicting assumptions: for some they first crossed paths in an elegant Parisian restaurant, for others in a well-known oyster bar in New York. There are no shots confirming the rumors, but the usual well-informed sources agree that "Brad had a crush on Emily at Vanity Fair's 2020 Oscar party," where the actor was spotted chatting with Emrata along with other guests at the event. Despite the interest it seems that Pitt respected the fact that the model. "Of course, she was off-limits at the time. She was happily married [to Sebastian] and Brad respected that." Then things changed, and Emily filed for divorce from film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, father of son Sylvester Apollo Bear, probably because of some of her husband's cheating. So in late August, Pitt asked her on a date and "And she said yes. She always thought Brad was cute, and the way she sees it right now, what does she have to lose?" Then again, she had already anticipated this with a video on TikTok: she is "a single girl who is thinking about dating." And who better than Brad Pitt?

Pitt, who despite some flirtations has been single since his complicated divorce with Angelina Jolie, is experiencing a very happy period in his life, in which he has begun to explore different activities. He may soon retire from filmmaking as he told some time ago, but, in the meantime, he is starring in two new films, Bullet Train and Babylon, has just exhibited his sculptures in a Finnish museum and launched a skincare line. The relationship with Emrata could be the icing on the cake of this special moment.