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"Non è tutto rosa On the road", traveling women's networking event returns

The first stop is Sept. 24 in Florence, the last on Oct. 9 in Naples

Non è tutto rosa On the road, traveling women's networking event returns The first stop is Sept. 24 in Florence, the last on Oct. 9 in Naples

From Sept. 23 to Oct. 10, Non è tutto rosa on the road returns, a traveling version of the eponymous podcast that tells the stories of women and their successes, creativity, failures and a lot of commitment and that has now become a real nonprofit association. After the success of last year's edition, Paolina Consiglieri and her traveling companions-a team composed of Mario di Girolamo, Lory Caccamo, Alice di Girolamo and Denise Brasini-will once again tour Italy aboard a van with the aim of meeting as many women as possible and also offering them training opportunities on personal growth, leadership, communication and business. This is the big news of this second tour that will touch 8 regions (Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Marche, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Puglia and Campania) and will become material for the docu-series filmed by Alice Di Girolamo: a series of women's projects in the areas of social and environmental sustainability, new technologies and new media. 

"When people ask me who we are addressing," explains Founder Consiglieri, "I answer that we are positioned between associations that support women who have suffered psychological violence, and those that help them in their professional growth to bridge the gender gap. In between there are so many women who have not been abused or who do not necessarily want to become entrepreneurs or managers because in my opinion success is subjective. We cater to women who are experiencing an existential crisis and would like to turn their lives around, realize a project or actualize an idea. There are few realities that deal with this, so we decided to create a project that speaks to everyone, no one excluded."

Each stage represents an opportunity for networking and empowerment, during which we share experiences, tips and business strategies for taking your first steps into the world of work. The time, thanks to the help of the event partners and some special guests, such as event ambassador the model, writer and social entrepreneur Elisa Sednaoui, will be divided between training, screening of Bayer's short film L'Altra Terra and a time for networking and discussion with mental coach Lory Caccamo who will help participants work on their awareness and how to rediscover their potential. Some examples? In Naples there will be Marco Maria Mazio founder of Palingen, social tailoring at Pozzuoli prison; in Florence there will be the founder of the fashion brand Whispr; while in Milan, several female entrepreneurs will participate in the evening event at Mosso Milano.

Here are all the dates of It's not all pink on the road:

24-25/09 - Florence

26-27/09 - Milan

28-29/09 - Bologna

30/09 and 1/10 - Acqualagna 

2/10 - Montesilvano 

4/10 - Monopoli 

5/10 - Terlizzi 

6-7/10 - Potenza

8-9/10 - Naples