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I design trend del 2022 secondo Airbnb e TikTok

Se il più grande portale di alloggi chiacchiera di case cool con la piattaforma di ogni tendenza

I design trend del 2022 secondo Airbnb e TikTok Se il più grande portale di alloggi chiacchiera di case cool con la piattaforma di ogni tendenza

Design is increasingly important in our lives. One of the merits to give to the pandemic, is that it has rediscovered not only the beauty of living the house but also the importance of mise en place and accommodation invited to the eyes. So, if you’re deciding to renovate your home or you’re just changing your address, here are the 7 trends to consider. Because, like the pantone color Very Peri, they will really be the embodiment of coolness for this 2022. Thus, Airbnb and Tiktok joined forces to identify next year’s home decor trends, comparing design style demands on both platforms.


Despite being confirmed as a 2021 trend, Cottagecore does not want to go out of fashion, placing itself at the top of the ranking with over 110,000 ads on Airbnb. According to Tiktok, it is a word that has become viral recently and quickly, probably due to the increased creation of crafts during the pandemic. This aesthetic embraces the idea of living a simple lifestyle, using materials such as wallpaper with vintage patterns, floral upholstery and wood.

Cottage in the English countryside (Kent, United Kingdom)
Rustic house between Tuscany and Umbria (Anghiari, Tuscany, Italy)
House in the Woods (Highland, New York, United States)
Small cottage surrounded by nature (Nashville, Tennessee, United States)

The Botanical style

The mania for potted plants does not stop, with an amount of 1.6 billion views of the hashtag #Planttok shared by the Tiktokers. Why does it like it? Because it completes that purely dreamy and eclectic aesthetic. In addition, on Airbnb, nearly 45,000 ads use the terms of botany, such as "monstera" and "luxuriant".
La Foleia, villa with garden and private lake (Revislate, Piedmont, Italy)
Bohemian villa (Dandenong Ranges, Australia)
Old Barn (Jewett, New York, United States)
House with winter garden (Jaipur, India)

The Grandmillenial

According to Tiktok, the hashtag #grandmillenial was first used on the platform in 2020. The term, a mix of "grandma" and "Millennial", indicates a sense of rebellion against the elegant and minimalist styles previously popular, in favor of second-hand objects, simple motifs, half-opulent embroidery and floral fabric, better known as chintz.
Nonna Maria’s vintage house (San Vito dei Normanni, Puglia, Italy)
Apartment grandmillennial (Edmonton, Canada)
Strawberry cottage (Berwick, Canada)
Apartment for outdoor lovers (Bentonville, Arizona, United States)


During the last year, Tiktok has identified a shift from minimalism to maximalism: more and more creators are showing in their homes unique and vintage objects, able to reflect their personality, so as to kick off a real trend, that of "vintage maximalism". On Airbnb, there are over 35,000 ads that include keywords such as "velvet", "mixed patterns" and "animal prints", just to name a few.
Luxury apartment (Kent, United Kingdom)
Victorian apartment sea view (Kent, United Kingdom)
Renaissance apartment (Florence, Tuscany, Italy)
Artist’s house in Campo de' Fiori (Rome, Lazio, Italy)

 Eclectic Nostalgic

Some creators have staged a nightclub that recalls the atmosphere of the 70s and 80s, with eclectic and eye-catching interiors. And it is no coincidence that, from the second half of 2021, it has depopulated the tendency to have objects in abundance, better if associated with geometries and bright colors.
80’s time machine (Kent, Washington, United States)
Back to the 80s: room with video games and cereals (Dallas, Texas, United States)
Colourful 70s apartment (Budapest, Hungary)
70’s studio apartment (Kent, United Kingdom)

The Sustainable

Just see where actress Lily Collins chose to spend her honeymoon in Scandinavia, to understand that the green is always an evergreen. According to Tiktok, videos using the hashtag #zerowaste have totaled 1.6 billion views globally, and Tiktokers love to share tips to reduce domestic waste production and to recycle or replace products that are hardly biodegradable. Meanwhile on Airbnb the houses that mention sustainable features, such as energy efficiency and biomass, have increased by over 15%, compared to other types of housing.

Glamping in a converted boat (Sutton, United Kingdom)
Cosy tree house (Elham, United Kingdom)
Mini-house in the Hudson Valley (Marlboro, New York, United States)
Off-grid house in Casentino (Chiusi della Verna, Tuscany, Italy)

The Gothic

A style so rich in subcultures that we could spend hours describing you. Learn, on the home decor side, the term "gobinlincore", a decidedly folk trend among communities that identify themselves as "witchtok", and that evokes the rock aesthetic of an ancient era.
Gothic refuge in the Highlands (Aboyne, United Kingdom)
Night gardens (Richmond, Virginia, United States)
Victorian Gothic Cottage (Dripping Spring)