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Tarots are the perfect tool to create the right mindset to face daily life

Future can't be seen but projected

Tarots are the perfect tool to create the right mindset to face daily life Future can't be seen but projected

One of the hardest questions to answer when I say I can read cards is "But you believe it". She’s one of the most popular, and I always love to argue the opposite of what you’d expect. I need the "no" to prove to the skeptics that I’m on their side, and I won’t fool them. From this preliminary pact can start the "but" necessary, which I hope can demonstrate how the cards in 2021 are not only a fashion but a means to learn to know each other, listen to each other, love each other a little.

The crystal ball that takes dust on my shrine in the kitchen has not yet been able to show me anything at all, but perhaps because I am not yet a skillful enough witch. The fact remains that the future cannot be foreseen, and I owe this assertion to the master logic to which we all owe so much. However, our every thought, every gesture, word, present intention, leaves traces both in the past and in the future. I’m not just talking about the consequences of one’s actions, but indirect suggestion that our current mindset will lead us to replicate or influence our choices in the immediate future. Is this not an involuntary prediction? How many times do we say, "I bet I’ll do it x, y, z," and mathematically we project "bad luck" at each other? Negative thinking aside, reflections, like words, are the oldest and most authentic magic formula possible. Every day we are subjected to the spells we put on ourselves without knowing it. And lost in this vortex of autosuggestions, the reading of Tarot cards can be a good tool to recover a vision detoxified, clear, that shows not so much tomorrow but where you really are today. How? Relying on the language of symbols that speak of you as millions of other people on the face of the earth, declining ancestral archetypes in your modern everyday life.

It is not a challenge to those who get the most of us, a reading of cards represents the opening of a door in our mind, in our heart, to cross a threshold that we all too often forget in the race of our days. Beyond there are our dreams, desires, our uncontaminated self that somehow still tries to talk to us, and that it is our responsibility to be able to listen, before getting lost again.

This is how Priestess can become an icy mother or an absorbed young student, and Card 13, the most recognized as Death, is the promise of a rebirth after a period of difficulty. And each of these small rectangular landscapes that are the cards tells the whole of humanity, without pretense of completeness. Inside each one we are all not by magic but by paradigm of the human soul.

Only by clarifying where you are today will you be able to project a future of intentions that trace the path that leads exactly where you want to go. And that’s not going to happen because the fortune teller said it, but because you had to face it, get there on your own, and process it to the end.