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10 "creepy" houses to visit on Halloween 2021

From haunted castle to ghost island house, do you dare to spend the night of the witches in one of these mysterious locations?

10 creepy houses to visit on Halloween 2021 From haunted castle to ghost island house, do you dare to spend the night of the witches in one of these mysterious locations?

Last year, due to the pandemic, for many, October 31 meant munching on candy and chocolates while watching Netflix. Halloween 2021, however, happens in the weekend and could be perfect for a little getaway. We at G-club suggest you pack your bags and enjoy some rest from the daily routine, but with a creepy mood.  So we selected 10 charming and relaxing locations, that with a touch of mystery and a bit of imagination could recall the dark atmospheres of famous horror movies.


Isola Falconera - Laguna di Venezia

Mood: The Visit

Reality: You can have a small island, Valle Falconera, not far from Venice, just for you. Here you will be immersed in the typical lagoon flora and fauna, in a unique place where you can regenerate, relax, fish, walk, taste honey and other organic products that are grown and produced right on the island or, if you are lucky, spot pink flamingos. When you get tired of exploring the surroundings, you can stay in a typical country house dating back to the 1600s that can accommodate up to 16 people and is run by an extremely helpful family.


October 31: Mom sends you and your brother to meet the grandparents with whom she broke off relations 15 years earlier. At first, they appear to be two loving people, two hard-working, volunteer-accustomed farmers who give you only three rules: go to bed by 9:30 p.m., keep the door locked, and never go into the basement. As the days go by, however, something starts to suspect you and you become the hostage of two psychopaths.

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Castello Dal Pozzo - Novara 

Mood: The Haunting

Reality: Castello Dal Pozzo is located on the hills overlooking Lake Maggiore and is formed by three structures: the original castle, the renovated stables and an 18th century building. It is surrounded by a park and green lawns where you can relax and enjoy the view, but it also offers all the comforts of a luxury hotel such as luxurious rooms with period furnishings, an outdoor swimming pool with sun terrace and a gourmet restaurant. The plus? Legend has it that there is a ghost in the tower. It is Barbara, the daughter of the noble Alberto Visconti who locked her in the tower to keep her away from her lover, a hot captain who arrived at the castle to defend the Duchy of Milan.

October 31: You have followed an anthropologist to a historic home to be involved in a study on insomnia and, instead, you end up in an endless nightmare. As soon as the sun goes down you feel strange noises and hidden presences, statues come alive, walls tighten, stairs shift. And as you try to escape from vengeful ghosts and creepy children, your buddies look more and more like Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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Torre Medievale - Val D'Orcia

Mood: The Dark Tower

In reality: The Tower is located in the center of the medieval village of Seggiano, in the beautiful Val d'Orcia. Dating back to 1200, it is the oldest building in the village and in its interior, there are all the original materials such as the terracotta floor or the wooden beams in the ceiling. All features that, together with a spectacular view over the hills of the Tuscan province, make it unique.

October 31: You may be in a parallel universe created by the diabolical mind of Stephen King who mixes western, horror and fantasy. You'll have to help a brave gunslinger to reach a black tower that contains a curious device before an evil warlock with the face of Matthew McConaughey takes it over.

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Abbazia di San Giusto - Tuscania

Mood: The Nun

Reality: San Giusto is a Cistercian abbey dating back to the twelfth century, which was masterfully restored after being abandoned for centuries and turned from a crumbling ruin into a beautiful location for weddings, special events or just relaxing stays. The structure is open to the public for visits, but it is also both a farmhouse with lovely apartments with gardens and the headquarters of the organic farm of the Checcoli family that grows lavender, lavender and helichrysum to make herbal oils and herbal preparations.  

October 31: Although you think you're staying in a Lazio abbey, you'll magically arrive in the Romania of 1952, and exactly in the Catholic monastery of Cârţa, where the Vatican has ordered you to investigate the suicide of a nun. You end up running into an ancient, bloodthirsty evil spirit, summoned by a duke whose castle stood on the grounds of the monastery.

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Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti - Pinzolo

Mood: A cure for wellness

Reality: The Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti is a luxurious eco-resort located in an area well-known for skiing, where "nature, luxury and uncontaminated beauty coexist harmoniously". The property boasts 88 rooms of five different types, two restaurants, an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, a fitness center and a spa that stands out for its treatments born from the union between Chinese medicine and Western scientific research.

October 31: You'll find yourself in the shoes of a young New York broker who must bring home the CEO of the company that is in a mysterious spa in the Swiss Alps. It won't take long for you to realize that the resort isn't exactly what it seems, that it holds many secrets, and, most importantly, that leaving Dr. Volmer's clinic isn't as easy as entering it. 

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 Capo Spartivento Lighthouse - Domus De Maria 

Mood: The Fog

Reality: Is there anything more romantic than a lighthouse? The Capo Spartivento Lighthouse, specifically, offers a unique opportunity to stay, thanks to its special location, a cliff overlooking the turquoise sea on one side and the unspoiled and wild nature of the tip in the extreme south of Sardinia on the other. Built in 1856 by the Italian Navy, today the lighthouse is a luxury guest house that can host about ten people and features all the comforts including a huge garden with crystal gazebos, a barbecue area and above all an infinity pool with two Jacuzzis, a restaurant, an underground cinema and a large garden with barbecue area.

October 31: You just might be in a John Carpenter classic. You're celebrating (the city's centennial or Halloween, it doesn't matter), while a mysterious and thick fog rises from the sea, bringing with it a ghostly crew of murdered sailors and lepers who come back for revenge. The result? A series of cruel deaths. 

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Dammusi Parco dei Sesi - Pantelleria

Mood: Only lovers left alive

Reality: It is a real paradise with a bohemian mood in the heart of the archaeological park of Sesi in Pantelleria, where you can forget about the rest of the world and bask in the decadent beauty of the Mediterranean. Guests will find a series of black volcanic stone dammusi 200 meters from the sea, a swimming pool and beautiful exteriors where you can read a book and laze or enjoy one of the delicious homemade meals inspired by the organic farm of the property. The perfect place to get lost among breathtaking landscapes, art and history.

October 31: You and your partner may turn into a pair of vampires, stylish and decadent. Suddenly, Sicily will seem like Tangier and you'll move through the streets of the island, languid, exhausted, hungry and super charming in search of human blood. 

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Chalet d’Ert - La Valle Wengen

Mood: The Cabin in the Woods

Reality: You will find yourself in front of a beautiful house built in larch wood, whose architecture is inspired by the old traditional Ladin barns. An exclusive design that is also evident in the interior where precious antiques are mixed with local craftsmanship and contemporary furniture. The result of these artistic choices is a perfect retreat for a serene, pleasant and relaxing stay, amplified by the tranquility of the location, an alpine village in Val Badia.

October 31: During your stay, you and your companions will find strange objects in the basement, including the diary of an ancient inhabitant of the house that will awaken a family of zombies. While you fight against the unwelcome guests, you will be spied on by a team of researchers through hidden cameras in every room of the chalet.

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Granary/Ancient Castle with heated pool - Monselice

Mood: The Others

Reality: You stay in one of the 10 apartments of Castello di Lispida, which is located in the heart of the Euganean Hills Regional Park. All around is the Venetian countryside with its peacefulness, while inside your accommodation you will find comfort and design furniture, paintings and antique and vintage carpets. Pluses: indoor heated swimming pool, hot tubs and wine bar.

October 31st: Remember: In this house, no door should be opened before the last one has been closed. Suddenly you might realize you look like Nicole Kidman, but actually, you'll feel like a war widow who just moved into a new home with her two children. As time goes by, you and your family will begin to notice sinister noises and mysterious presences and realize that nothing is as it seems.

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Chalet Dalmore - Chamonix

Mood: The Strangers

Reality: You are in a sort of winter painting with a beautiful chalet in the center and a white snowy background fragmented by splashes of green nature. Chalet Dalmore offers all the comforts of modern decor, a panoramic view of Mont Blanc, a lounge on the top floor and, outside, a sauna and hot tub.

October 31: You escaped to this chalet with your partner who, in the romantic atmosphere of the location, proposed to you. You, however, said no and the tension in the couple increased.  Around four o'clock in the morning, there is an insistent knock at the door and suddenly three masked intruders enter the house. What do they want? Terrify you and then kill you.

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