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10 Instagram accounts to follow for 90s nostalgia

To find inspiration, fashion pills and celebrity culture from the Nineties

10 Instagram accounts to follow for 90s nostalgia To find inspiration, fashion pills and celebrity culture from the Nineties

The nineties are the frame of the adolescence of many, unforgettable years for movies and the rise of unbridled gossip around celebrity stardom for others and absolutely forgettable for many aspects related to fashion, even if it depends on tastes. In a mix of pop-punk style, always eccentric, rebellious and very similar to the filiform physicists of celebs always in jeans to very low life, the aesthetics of the 90s is an example for the new fashion current of Y2K, that reworks in a modern key the aesthetic stimuli developed in the period in which Beyoncè and Jay Z were not yet together (the couple joined in 2004, as the tattoo that both have on the hand reads). But in addition to the style, the real nostalgia for the nineties is based on seeing on the big screen of the characters of which know passions and doubts, seeing their daily events become extraordinary and then empathize. To dream again of living in an American high school like that of Clueless or to marry your best friend in and out of the set like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, here is a list of 10 Instagram accounts to follow absolutely.



Like a self-respecting newspaper, 90s.daily provides the daily dose of inspiration and nostalgia of the 90s that every true enthusiast needs. The search for the most beautiful photographs, depicting the paladins of the big and small screen famous in those years, is one of the best. In addition, who manages the profile seems to be fond of nineties filmography, so if you are passionate about cinema you can not miss it!

IG handle: @90s.daily



Donatella Versace, Carla Bruni, Devon Aoki and the Spice Girls all together for a trip down memory lane that brings back hidden dreams and unexpected musical tastes, the thirst for gossip and the photos taken by paparazzi always better than the selfies made today in 2021 from the inner camera of the phone. Cinema, pop-stars and many colors of hair unlikely to use as a reminder in case one morning you woke up with the urge to make your hair fuchsia like Pink in 2001, because that was probably a wig.

IG handle: @90s.violet



The only page halfway between historical archive and nineties-themed fashion moodboard. The shots of the more and less famous models stolen on the catwalk, in the catalogues, in the advertisements of the most popular brands in the 90s but also on the street are collected here, in a real priceless treasure of memory for those who love fashion, study and live it.

IG handle@90s_models_


That song from

Imagine driving away that feeling of annoyance that comes up when a song has been buzzing around for too long and even the title we have on the tip of the tongue, there is nothing to do, the name no trace. Here, thatsongfrom collects the most beautiful songs and soundtracks of the legendary TV series and most exciting teen movies of the 90s unlocking memories of the best musical moments of the decade at each post.

IG handle@thatsongfrom



Black Culture, hip-hop roots and the most stylish female pop music groups of the 90s as TLC and dominate the profile followed by 541 thousand fans of urban nineties culture, including low-waisted pants, Jordan on the basketball court and Aaliyah in full Tommy Hilfiger. And yes, there is also Dennis Rodman immortalized in his very personal fashion Runway at the 1996 Vmas, a piece of history not to be forgotten.

IG handle@90s.era


Nineties moments

Halfway between an archival fashion profile and a collection of topical moments of the 90s, the profile contains the images of the most representative collections of the minimalist decade, with shots from the catwalks of Prada SS1996 where green reigns supreme or from the collections of photographers such as Mario Testino. 

IG handle@ninetiesmoments



The very close connection between the current pop-culture and that of the '90s is impressive, and the following profile of 90sanxiety proves it. The indissoluble union of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt seems to date back to yesterday, as well as the pool parties at which Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian participated as debutantes, with hairstyles and eyebrows decidedly different from those of today. 

IG handle: @90sanxiety



Glam, glam and more glam. The nineties are undoubtedly the natural path that the maximalist fashion of the eighties has crossed to reach the present day, and despite the more minimal approach, glitz and eccentricity were always at the forefront. The 90s.dios profile focuses on the pop-culture myths of those years. 

IG handle: @90s.dios



All the most famous faces of the cinema scene, TV series and fashion scenario of the favorite period of the Millennials. Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Uma Thurman, Jlo and the favourites of the show world appear together on the feed of 90s.babes.

IG handle: @90s.babes



Celebrity culture was definitely born in the '90s. The paparazzi frenzy, the exciting lure of star-studded participations in big cities and all around the world made up a completely new way to define fame and culture.This profile is the world-wide celebration of glossy models, singers, actresses and their fellow adventurers.

IG handle: @90scelebvibes