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A Mother's Day gift based on her zodiac sign

From the chocolate bouquet to the spa stay

A Mother's Day gift based on her zodiac sign From the chocolate bouquet to the spa stay

Mother's Day is around the corner. The date? Sunday, May 12th. What to give her besides a long hug, love, and our eternal gratitude for always being on our side even when our relationship is complicated at times? The answer isn't always immediate. If ideas are scarce, we could draw inspiration from the Zodiac, which will help us navigate towards the right gift. Does a skincare product or a yoga lesson make a Pisces mom happier? For a Taurus, is a cinema subscription better or a nice lipstick? Let's discover together what to give her based on her zodiac sign.

Aries: A dinner for the two of you

A Mother's Day gift based on her zodiac sign From the chocolate bouquet to the spa stay  | Image 501431

Governed by Mars, an Aries mother is enterprising, courageous, adventurous, strong, and independent, characteristics she also instills in her children from a young age—teaching them independence and determination to pursue their dreams. She's not overly sentimental, doesn't like hugs and kisses, nor is she famous for her patience, but she has a contagious energy. The right gift for May 12th could be a mother-daughter dinner, a way to relax, refine the ability to listen to each other, and spend quality time together, improving a relationship that can often be complicated.

Taurus: AUDRER Lip Kit

Lip Kit - AUDRER

Lip Kit - AUDRER

12,20€ + 20€

Taurus moms are always looking for sweetness and tenderness. Governed by Venus, the goddess of beauty, Taurus loves the beautiful things in life, from fashion to good food. The perfect gift that combines these aspects of her character is a beauty treat that makes her feel beautiful and special as we see her? The brand-new Audrer lip kit, consisting of lip pencil and lipstick, each available in five shades, which simultaneously provides volume and ultra-comfortable texture.

Gemini: UNIQLO x MARIMEKKO Midi Skirt

Mixed Linen Midi Skirt with Print - UNIQLO

Mixed Linen Midi Skirt with Print - UNIQLO


Geminis are the most curious and outgoing sign of the zodiac. Even in their approach to motherhood, which becomes a dynamic, playful activity like a cheerful spring picnic in nature, where they can chat, eat delicious food, and enjoy the sunshine with their family. This bucolic and convivial image has also inspired the UNIQLO x Marimekko Summer 2024 collection, a series of comfortable and lightweight garments, with patterns reflecting the blue of the sky, the red and soft pink typical of evening landscapes, and the green of the grass.

Cancer: FRANCINE Silk Pillowcase




It is said that Cancer is the sign most naturally predisposed to motherhood, embodying the stereotype of the nurturing mother, dedicating her life to nourishing and protecting her children, even at the risk of being overly suffocating and overprotective at times. And what if, for once, she, the heart of the family, were the center of attention? The right idea is to give her something useful, soothing, and wellness-oriented like a 100% silk pillowcase from Francine Hair Care. Silk, in fact, has a high content of serine, a physiological protein that provides energy for cell development, hydrating and illuminating the skin and hair enough to be recommended for preventing wrinkles and facial imperfections, as well as avoiding hair rubbing and the consequent electrostatic effect night after night.

Leo: NUXE Hair Treatment Kit

Duo Hair Treatments Hair Prodigieux and its brush - NUXE

Duo Hair Treatments Hair Prodigieux and its brush - NUXE


The Leo mother is a true drama queen who loves to be the center of attention and always needs to feel recognized and appreciated. For this reason, finding her a kit of products from the Nuxe Hair Prodigieux line will make her happy. Using them, her mane will be as voluminous and shiny as ever, thanks to the fermented oil of pink camellia that deeply cleanses and nourishes the hair, giving it brightness and a silky finish.

Virgo: SAGOMA Ceramic Set

A Mother's Day gift based on her zodiac sign From the chocolate bouquet to the spa stay  | Image 501417

The Virgo mother is meticulous and caring, raising her children with a mix of wisdom and discipline. She pays attention to the smallest detail, even when it comes to home decor and care. Everything must be orderly, put in the right place. How to show her we love her? With something handmade, precious, original, fragile, and beautiful like the creations of Sagoma Ceramiche, a brand by Ilaria Loriga, with a store at Via Silvio Pellico 7 in Rome, in the heart of the Prati district.

Libra: A Regenerative Weekend in a Convent

A Mother's Day gift based on her zodiac sign From the chocolate bouquet to the spa stay  | Image 501416

Harmony, beauty, elegance, balance are all characteristics that belong to Libra. It's a sign that always likely needs to feel loved, appreciated, and pampered. To make her feel special, a small gift will do, but if possible, she will appreciate a wellness stay where she can regenerate and take care of her appearance and spirit. The ideal place is the Park Hotel Ai Cappuccini, a 17th-century former convent of Capuchin friars surrounded by a park of ancient olive trees and a stone's throw from the medieval historic center of Gubbio. In this suggestive context, the team of wellness experts creates specific treatments to embrace every type of need, such as the innovative treatment that revives cellular metabolism and delivers visible results from the first session.

Scorpio: LANCOME Mascara Set

Lash Idôle Mascara Set - LANCÔME

Lash Idôle Mascara Set - LANCÔME


Mysterious, enigmatic, passionate, and intense. The Scorpio mother is like this, so why not emphasize these characteristics by giving her an enchanting look with the Lancôme Idôle Mascara coffret which contains the Lash Idôle mascara volume lifting & fan effect in full size, the Le Crayon Khôl pencil in travel size, and the Bi-Facil soothing eye makeup remover 30ml. How much do you want to bet that you'll steal it?

Sagittarius: Chocolate Tulips

Bouquet of Tulips - CHARLOTTE DUSART

Bouquet of Tulips - CHARLOTTE DUSART


Sagittarius is an adventurous and optimistic mother, a sympathetic and fun parent, who loves to explore the world with curiosity, enthusiasm, and invites her children to do the same. The right gift for her is something good, playful that holds a surprise like Charlotte Dusart's chocolate tulips. In this delicious bouquet, each flower is filled with a different flavor: gianduja with whole toasted hazelnuts from the Langhe, crispy white cremino with apricot, crunchy artisanal hazelnut praline, pistachio cremino with caramelized whole pistachios, and coconut cremino with grated coconut. Yummy!

Capricorn: "Sparkling Jo" Perfume by VILHELM PARFUMERIE

Sparkling Jo Eau De Parfum - VILHELM PARFUMERIE

Sparkling Jo Eau De Parfum - VILHELM PARFUMERIE


The Capricorn mother is a bit rigid, raising her children from an early age instilling in them the value of hard work, responsibility, determination, and discipline. What to give her? A bit of lightness. Maybe a perfume like Sparkling Jo by Vilhelm Parfumerie. It's a sparkling fragrance with top notes of champagne, bergamot, and juniper, inspired by the famous American dancer Josephine Baker and is an ode to the festive nights of 1930s Paris.

Aquarius: A Bouquet of Flowers

A Mother's Day gift based on her zodiac sign From the chocolate bouquet to the spa stay  | Image 501430

Creativity, originality, and an adventurous mind are part of the Aquarius sign, but that doesn't mean they can't appreciate an evergreen like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Be careful though to choose them not only for their outer beauty but also for their meaning. If you want to say "I really love you," opt for an azalea, the dahlia expresses gratitude, the iris brings hope and good news, lavender communicates "Your memory is my only happiness," while the carnation is a symbol of family love because legend has it that the first carnation was born from the tears shed by a mother as an expression of love for her child.

Pisces: AESOP Hand Balm

Eleos Aromatique Hand Balm - AESOP

Eleos Aromatique Hand Balm - AESOP


If you have a Pisces mother, you probably grew up enveloped in a hug of love, understanding, and tenderness. For her celebration, wrapped in a beautiful package, give her Eleos Aromatique by Aesop, an intensely moisturizing hand balm based on botanical oils and butters that nourish the skin. It comes in three versions: one containing mandarin peel, rosemary leaf, Atlas cedar; one with bergamot peel, vetiver root, petitgrain; and the third mixes cedarwood, patchouli, cloves.