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5 Instagram accounts for 5 summer moods

The remedy for mood swings during the summer-time

5 Instagram accounts for 5 summer moods The remedy for mood swings during the summer-time

Summer: either you love it or you hate it, we all know it. This season has the same function of a watershed: for many it is a moment of rebirth, for the others is the symbol of stress. For this reason, nss G-Club has compiled for you a list of 5 Instagram accounts that are remedies for every seasonal mood, to follow the wave of emotions. Summer: a vibrant heat or a burning mess? Choose yours!


ARE YOU IN LOVE? FOLLOW @mignonettetakespicture

There is little to do: the phase of falling in love is followed by an unconditional trail of pastel colors, very tender puppies and when the me takes dans ses bras hummed with a smile. All these clichés (and more) about @mignonettetakespicture. So sweet!


NO STRESS! FOLLOW @thepeachdelirium

What noise does chocolate make? If you have not yet converted to asmr as an avant-garde relaxation technique, this is the right time to discover asmr food. This is version 2.0 (and delightfully perfect for food addicts). Wafers that are chopped, broken croissants, spread jam ... there is something for everyone, really. And then @the_peach_delirium is also exquisitely aesthetic, what more could you ask for?


SELF EMPOWERMENT with @disegniconsapevoli

For all those times in which we have not been able to give voice to hidden thoughts between one glance in the mirror and the other, there is a post by @disegniconsapevoli, run by Marika (@LeItalienne). We will not dwell on useless descriptive words of this breath of air of self empowerment and person-positivity, you will find it all written there.



“I had a third kind of meeting with fashion: and it's called catering”. You will imagine it motivational, or at least stimulating. Wrong! What you find on this Instagram account is the food that is really eaten on the sets of the shooting and company: comfortable, sporty, aesthetic enough. The beauty is that each of us can contribute, just send a photo of the fashion-meal to @cibodellamoda.



Certain loves never end and, without resorting to any cliché of Italian music, we in the photos of Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss and Monica Bellucci will never have enough. @nostalgiafiles is the perfect account for those who live peeping out of the door of the 90s.