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Britney Spears and the trend of graphic tees

A chronological gallery of the times Brit wore this iconic fashion statement

Britney Spears and the trend of graphic tees A chronological gallery of the times Brit wore this iconic fashion statement
Let's face it, Millennials are the generation of true nostalgics. If you too are among those born during the first half of the 80s and the second half of the 90s, it is likely that you can often feel overwhelmed by the desire to rummage through the memories of a past in which pop culture was the undisputed protagonist: magazines emptied of their most beautiful posters, the first records and CDs preserved as memorabilia, an old Walkman that probably doesn't work anymore, strictly low-waisted jeans and a graphic tee (or the printed T-shirt) bought in an attempt to imitate a cult icon of the time: Britney Spears.
We are talking about the times when the "Princess of Pop" had not yet come out as the victim of a conservatorship that took away her freedom, but she appeared as one of the most influential personalities in the world of pop music.

At the time of her debut, in 1998, Britney is already a global icon: her debut hit ...Baby One More Time is in heavy rotation on radio stations around the world and her lolita student look is the most talked about by the media. Spears will forever change the future of the music industry and the fashion system, perfectly responding to the need for change of the new millennium. In the early 2000s, in fact, she will take greater creative control of her projects, not by chance but by necessity, that of making herself known to the whole world no longer just as that of the teenage hits or the sweetheart of America. Thus she begins a new phase in her career, with a new sound, bold looks and very little interest in the judgment of public opinion. In recent years, Britney wants to be able to express herself and sometimes she does it through a previously unconventional means of communication and giving life to one of the pop trends of the first decade of this millennium: graphic t-shirts (or slogan t-shirts). nss G-Club has collected in a chronological gallery the occasions in which Brit wore this iconic fashion statement. Enjoy! 



It's 2002 and Britney's private life is the favorite topic of tabloids around the world due to the (complicated) end of her love story with Justin Timberlake. Justin releases his most successful solo single Cry Me A River, the video of which stars a Britney lookalike and a story hints at a betrayal by the woman.

In those days Britney was in London for her promotional tour and it was on this occasion that she used a graphic tee by Juicy Couture with the quote DUMP HIM to throw a dig at her ex and silence media about their break-up.



Britney is now single, at the height of her career and has been called the sexiest woman in the world. As if that weren't enough, she recently signed a roughly $ 8 million deal with Pepsi and her SEXSI tank crop-top is the most desired piece by all the girls in the world.

In 2004 Britney is fresh off the release of In The Zone and has just embarked on the Onyx Hotel Tour when, during the filming of the Outrageous video, she breaks her knee and is forced to rest for weeks. It is in this period that she begins to hang out with what she would soon become her husband: the dancer Kevin Federline. And if for many this period marks the beginning of the problems in the life of our Brit, we like to remember it for the "wild" use of graphic tees. Every public release of Britney is a good opportunity to launch a provocation to the media.


I’M A VIRGIN (but this is an old t-shirt)

Britney is well aware that her virginity has been one of the most discussed topics by the tabloids around the world and it is with this tank top that she silences years and years of speculation on a topic that should not interest anyone but the person directly concerned.



Britney with Kevin Federline found love and wants to shout it out to the whole world. On her pink tank top it is written "He loves me" and we can not help but start the ship.



After finding love, Brit has only one desire, that of becoming a young and cool mom, in other words she is a "Milf In Training".



Among the events of 2004, one of the most unexpected, Britney is no longer a blondie: she changed her hair color because this is the year of the brunettes.



I’m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen” she sang a few years later in her hit Piece of me. But what is the American dream? Everything that Britney embodies to perfection, since day zero: the achievement of fame, wealth, success.



That is known: Britney is now a woman in a total mood "I don't give a fuck" and is keen to make it known loud and clear that it is no longer "easy to handle".



It is 2005 that she is about to realize her dream: she will soon become a mother and we are sure that the statement of this tank top does not need further explanation.

Her authenticity in her best years is the reason why we still pass on the importance of Britney today and we hope that this throwback can be a good omen for justice to take its course and she can return to enjoy her total freedom and wearing crazy graphic tees! #FreeBritney