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The coolest moms (and moms-to-be) of 2020-2021

Our favorite celebrities with their newborns or baby bumps

The coolest moms (and moms-to-be) of 2020-2021 Our favorite celebrities with their newborns or baby bumps

Life keep flowing ever during this pandemic, and these celebrities and influencers know it better than anyone else. The very long quarantine that the whole world is experiencing has also brought joy, and these digital entrepreneurs, models, singers and extraordinary women are going to be soon experiencing the joy of parenthood. These neo-moms and moms-to-be have much more in common than success in this 2020-2021. In this historic moment, pregnancy means family, privacy and home, since the outside world is not particularly safe. Let’s discover details and curiosities about the coolest moms (to-be) of 2020-2021.


Emily Ratajkowski

The hottest belly in the world is not as you remember it in the video-clips and shots that made her famous, at the moment. But despite this, Emrata is more radiant than ever. After announcing her pregnancy with an essay on gender and parenting and a short film for Vogue US, she says she is full of hope for the future. She is chic, serene and completely at ease with the transformation her body is undergoing and at peace with herself. The soon-to-be-new mother spends her days wearing Inamorata tracksuits in her New York apartment with husband Sebastian Bear-McClard and her first child, Colombo, an Husky-German Shepherd.


Gigi Hadid

During the last Paris (neither digital nor phy-gital) Fashion Week, when the pandemic was still distant, the world for Gigi Hadid had already changed. The model has crossed the catwalk of Tom Ford, Jacquemus, Chanel, Etro and many other important brands as pregnant. She revealed it on Twitter to the fans. In agreement with her partner, Zayn Malik, the couple did not reveal the name of the baby born in September and did neither reserve the reveal to any major newspaper, for a matter of privacy. "Motherhood is a beautiful thing, it’s so natural" Gigi happily says to Vogue’s microphones, while she enjoys the first few months of her baby in total privacy in her home in Pennsylvania, surrounded by her loved ones.


Chiara Ferragni

he most famous digital entrepreneur in the world is not only mother of a brand, of a new professional role and of the funniest child in the world, but she will also be soon the mother of a second child. A baby girl, that will restore the balance in the family, made up by the dream-team Fedez and Leo that are constantly making joking to Mama Chiara to make her smile. The news was given to the whole world by IG stories, but soon after Leo who announced "the family is expanding!" with a smile and the picture of the mother’s belly in his hand. The baby girl should be arriving in early 2021. We can't wait to see her, but above all to see her outfits!


Jeanne Damas

"The golden rule is to embrace your body and its beautiful new curves" says the 28-year-old entrepreneur, founder and director of the Parisian brand Rouje, mixing chic and french-inspired style with a vintage echo. Jeanne Damas is an expert in style, with her easy-chic pregnancy looks. Her outfits, from the pregnancy reveal to the last days before childbirth, were characterized by attention to details, accessories and shapes with an 80s inspiration. Stretch materials, sweaters, woven yarns and belts were Jeanne’s best friends during her maternity journey. The only style regret? Not being able to wear her favorite vintage jeans, she told Vogue France. But according to her radiant face, the joy of motherhood is priceless compared to that.


Pernille Teisbaek

The most popular influencer in the Scandinavian area is a true expert in minimal and effortlessly chic fashion and design, and has recently become a mother. Pernille Teisbaek in her maternity looks (and not only) loved a neutral color palette and a touch of glamour that is always present in her style. Her wonderful apartment in full Scandinavian style is a true sanctuary of good hygge energy where the little boy will grow in the peaceful Nordic calm, influenced by the good taste of his mother.


Kelly Rowland

One of the most powerful voices of the last 20 years, former member of Destiny’s Child, actress, model and business woman Kelly Rowland is going to become a mother for the second time. And she didn’t announce it with a simple post on Instagram or a story, but with a cover for Women’s Health Magazine, the leading magazine in the American wellness sector. In the exclusive interview she says that she loves to move because she hears her child moving with her, "and it’s a wonderful feeling". Kelly uses TikTok to dance and cultivate her passion for music. Together with her son Titan and her husband Tim, the Witherspoons were in babymoon, a holiday to celebrate the arrival of the unborn child scheduled for March/April.


Ashley Tisdale

She made us sing and dance in the 2000a with her role in High School Musical. Growing up in the Disney Channel fam, today Ashley Tisdale is still singing and dancing, hosting the reality show The Masked Dancer with Mario Lopez, and is waiting for a baby-girl with her partner Christian French, a musician. The couple announced the pregnancy in September, admitting they had decided long before the name of the child, during a conversation during their 7-years relationship. Ashley says she is happy and ready to face joys and responsibilities on her blog Frenshe, despite her long path to improve her mental health.


Hilary Duff

The paladin of platform and spike-pony tail Hilary Duff will be mother for the third time in 2021. The ex-Disney star already has a family made up of by a boy and a girl and her partner Matthew Koma. "The quarantine was fun. We are waiting for our third child" she announced on Instagram, followed by a sweet boomerang where she shows her belly growing. Although Lizzie Mcguire’s actress is pregnant for the third time, she doesn’t want to leave behind her naive and contagious smile.


Emma Stone

The brilliant and young actress has done everything in her career: Emma Stone danced on the stars with Ryan Gosling, played so many different roles, like the one of a mother - in a sketch of Saturday Night Live 2016 - where she was a mother struggling with the emotions aroused by the sensitivity of her son. That same night she met an author of the show, Dave McCary who in 2016 became her boyfriend, in 2019 her fiancè and in 2021 will be the father of her son, when she will be mom for real. Are we sure that coincidence doesn't exist?


Karlie Kloss

The beautiful American model has been pregnant for months now, and the baby should be coming in the first few months of 2021. Karlie Kloss is going to be a great mom, and she’s going to give her kid great "feminist" values. The former angel of Victoria’s Secret has ended the contract with the lingerie brand because of the bad image the brand built around womens' body, and the lack of consistency that her appearances had with the message she wanted to send to the audience. The pregnancy totally changed her routine, as she describes in the panel "My Monday Morning" in collaboration with Wall Street Journal Magazine