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5 Australian design brands to discover

From handmade ceramics by Alex and Trahanas, to the unconventional aesthetics of Jolie Laide

5 Australian design brands to discover From handmade ceramics by Alex and Trahanas, to the unconventional aesthetics of Jolie Laide

When it comes to design, collectors and enthusiasts love to find inspiration from countries all over the world, with their own cultures and traditions, even the most remote ones. Australia is literally the furthest part of the Earth for us, which is also why it fascinates us so much. Likewise, Australian designers and art curators find inspiration in the history of Europe and other distant areas of the world.

nss G-Club explored "The Land Down Under" in search for emerging Australian designers. Are you ready to find out?



Imagine that Bondi Beach (Australia's most famous beach) meets Polignano a Mare. Designers Alex and Trahanas convey in their works the love for travel and summer in the sunniest places of the Mediterranean area, bringing sun and warmth to the gloomy winter in Australia. From hand-painted ceramics with playful and elegant designs, to platter dishes and espresso cups, to bread baskets. Everything you need to renovate the kitchen. And if cooking is not your thing, comfortable slippers and Italian linen plaids with aloe vera infusion will transform any room into a familiar and welcoming environment.

Instagram: @alexandtrahanas
Official website:



Translated from Latin to "white light", Albus Lumen was born as a luxury fashion brand, ephemeral and feminine, and turned soon into a lifestyle brand. It became an Australian national treasure, known and admired all the way from Sydney to Paris. The brand is giving a timeless feel through its products, just like the concept store, ensuring that you will find Merino wool basics, hand-painted pearls, cups and handmade ceramics. Looking to the past to achieve a new modernity, Albus Lumen completes its offer with a range of bridal and beauty products and even Instagram filters. The profile is a true moodboard that brings together art, romantic landscapes, and design with a dreamy and free aesthetic.

Instagram: @albuslumen 
Official website:



A space combining an art studio, an office and a home all in one. Dina Broadhurst really has everything she needs in her Casa Studio, a name that describes the environment created by the artist and art collector. Dina creates a new genre of design inspired by the east coast of Australia, her half Italian heritage and the female body. Each room or space features iconic artworks that completely redefine contemporary art, but somehow manages to bring back a sense of familiarity to any age or gender. Baby blue paint strokes cover the staircase walls, you can brush your teeth in front of a work of art, have a martini in her office/dining room or simply look over the Australian beaches sitting a lip-shaped sofa in the garden.
Casa Studio is open for bookings, photoshoots as well as a shock to our senses, if you please.

Instagram: @_casastudio 
Official website:



Imagine feeling like you’re at a lux, 70s pool party on the French Riviera, any time of the day. Now think about basking under a tropical sun surrounded by palm trees. Villa26 creates PVC poolside floats that take away the rush of the city life. Historically inspired by fashion photographer Jean Pigozzi’s notorious pool parties and Paley’s holiday resort in Jamaica, Villa26 sparks the imagination, transporting your average poolside conversation to a big, wild dream. The trendy transparent float design is not only able to transcend time but also the location. Dry off your float and bring it indoors for an ultra-contemporary look!

Instagram: @villa_twentysix
Official website:



Launched in the midst of the pandemic in March, it makes sense that the name Jolie Laide translates into "Beautiful Ugly". It goes to show that Aussies are always looking on the bright side, no matter the situation. Their inspiration stems from romantic ideals about beauty and nostalgia spanning across eras. The art curators look for artists who embody the concept play and imagination. At Jolie Laide, you can find everything: from asymmetrical candle sets, magic carpets and their cushions and blankets in collaboration with Zankov Studio of New York. The two Australian sisters know how to dress a room the same way that they dress themselves whilst working instinctively and reactively to shape new ways to live. 

Instagram: @jolielaide_au
Official website: