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10 movies from the 90s that still inspire us

It’s all about the outfit

10 movies from the 90s that still inspire us It’s all about the outfit

The cinema of the 90s is a huge source of style. From romantic comedies like Pretty Woman to crime like Basic Instinct, from teen movies like Clueless to dramas like The Talented Mr Ripley, passing through indie projects like The Doom Generation, everyone can find the right inspiration to follow to make his or her look more special and powerful. 

Among candy-colored dresses, streetstyle, iconic little white dresses, kitsch outfits, indie rock t-shirts and cool sunglasses, nss selected 10 '90s movies with fashion moments to get inspired.


Pretty Woman (1990)

Thirty years after the American release of Vivian Ward's fairy tale, a modern Cinderella and young prostitute who changes her life when she meets a charming millionaire played by Richard Gere on Hollywood Boulevard, the clothes worn by Julia Roberts are still a dream for many, even the slim and short stretch dress with the ring connecting the white top and the blue and white mini tie-dye, inspired by a swimsuit by Rudi Gernreich

Vivienne’s journey begins through fashion, by seeking help to change her wardrobe to fit Edwards’s high-class lifestyle. - costume designer Marilyn Vance told the Hollywood Reporter - Each and every outfit including the red gown, was custom made for her character, because of the fashion cycle. 


Basic Instinct (1992)

Directed by Paul Verhoeven, Basic Instinct opens with the murder of a former rock star. Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) investigates the case and so he meets Catherine Tramell, a beautiful Sharon Stone who is the main suspect in the murder and perfectly embodies the femme fatale. Her wardrobe, curated by costume designer Ellen Mirojnick by mixing specially created pieces and Nino Cerruti's pieces, is a timeless look, still perfect today: from over blazers to knitted cardigans, from mini glitter dress with a deep neckline on the back to loungewear in shades of beige. The most iconic piece is still the cream-colored high-necked little dress, designed by Mirojnick and worn with a maxi coat in the same color, Chanel pumps and, of course, no underwear.


True Romance (1993)

According to many, True Romance is the best Tarantino's movie that the director from Knoxville never directed. The screenplay, which tells the on-the-road escape of two lovers who stole a bag full of drugs from the girl's former pimp, is really by Quentin, written together with Roger Avery, while the director is instead Tony Scott. The protagonists of this cult '90s are not Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette in the role of Clarence and Alabama, but their outfits: a mix of turquoise bralettes, western shirts, cow miniskirts, leopard coats, mirrored glasses and Hawaiian shirts that made history.


Pulp Fiction (1994)

When it was released, the famous film critic Roger Ebert called it "the most influential movie of the decade". More than twenty years later it still is. The secrets of its success are many: Tarantino's filmmaking, the story, the lines, the cast, the twist to the notes of Chuck Berry's You Never Can Tell and Mia Wallace. The character played by Uma Thurman, with her black raven bob, is iconic. Like her wardrobe: trench coat, white over shirt, black capri pants and gold Chanel dancers. Did you know that Betsy Heimann, the costume designer of the film, due to the low badge, found the various clothes between shopping in second-hand stores and rentals? And that Mia's pants are short because Betsy couldn't find enough long ones for Uma's legs?


Clueless (1995)

In the 1990s Cher Horowitz was the only girl to have a rotating wardrobe and digital software to help her decide how to dress. The result of this sort of ante litteram app (actually created by Mona May) was a series of 60 outfits that were very much copied also by brands such as Versace or Michael Kors: the saffron yellow tartan jacket and miniskirt by Dolce & Gabbana, the short wool vest, the tank top worn on the t-shirt for sport, the red dress by Alaïa, the little white dress by Calvin Klein, the water bottle holder that also inspired Lagerfeld for Chanel's FW94,...


The Doom Generation (1995)

The second chapter of Gregg Araki's Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy tells the escape, following an unpredicted murder, of Amy Blue (Rose McGowan), her boyfriend Jordan White and the hitchhiker Xavier Red. Amid slang, drugs and youthful anger, the director introduces an aesthetic that is still surprisingly relevant and one of the coolest seventeen-year-olds ever. Amy Blue's style embodies the glam-punk of Southern California's 90s: black bob, red lipstick, Dr Martens, vintage dresses, oversized leather jackets, butterfly sunglasses and a transparent plastic trench coat that will become a must-have, re-proposed years later also by Raf Simons for Calvin Klein.


Kids (1995)

Kids was the first feature film to openly explore the world of teenagers. Since it was first released in 1995, it has never stopped fascinating and intriguing teenagers all over the world, becoming a true cult for its honest and direct narration of 90s adolescent anger. Among sex, drugs, friendship and family problems, Larry Clark's work is a true portrait of New York's underground skaters generation, but it is also an example of streetstyle still very much in vogue. Do you ever heard about Supreme?


Cruel Intentions (1999)

Another teen movie full of outfits to copy: from the ones shown by the virginal Annette (Reese Witherspoon) to the mix between J.Crew and tailoring pieces designed for Cecile (Selma Blair). The ultimate icon of this 90s classic is Kathryn Merteuil, the bad girl played by Sarah Michelle Gellar with her smoky-eyes, brick-colored lipstick, tailored corsets and Dolce & Gabbana suits...that's power dressing!


Jawbreaker (1999)

Before Mean Girls, the nastiest and coolest girls were Reagan High School students: Courtney (Rose McGowan), Foxy (Julie Benz), and Julie (Rebecca Gayheart). Tight-fitting cardigans, pvc miniskirts, dresses and corsets in bubblegum colors, ... the outfits of the three friends are, as the costume designer Vikki Barrett will later tell a mix of candy and punk, "the innocence of the 50s juxtaposed to the femme fatale of the 20s, with punk and fetish look of the late 70s and early 80s".


The Matrix (1999)

From Kendall Jenner to Kaia Gerber, from Balenciaga to Gareth Pugh, everyone has fallen in love with Neo and Trinity's cyber punk style. The sunglasses, wide leather coats, latex jumpsuits and even the resigned looks Keanu Reeves wears after taking the red pill ( which recall the proposals of Yeezy and SKIMS) invaded popular culture at the beginning of the new millennium, influencing contemporary fashion like few other movies.