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30 movies e tv shows to stream for true fashion victims

To get inspired and immerse ourselves in the style of the fashion icons of the cinema

30 movies e tv shows to stream for true fashion victims To get inspired and immerse ourselves in the style of the fashion icons of the cinema

Yes, the Covid-19 has stolen street style and the latest fashion weeks, cancelled due to the virus and transformed in digital shows and presentations, what else is left? The only true and trusted friends who never abandoned us and never leave us alone: the streaming platforms. From Netflix to Amazon Prime Video, from Apple+ to YouTube, the offer available is almost unlimited. We have selected the best stylish movies, TV series and documentaries. There's something for everyone: from Audrey Hepburn, the ultimate fashion icon, in Breakfast at Tiffany's to the naïve Andrea Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada; from the fashion victim of the 90s aka The Nanny to the rich teenagers of Gossip Girl; from the rock Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola to Jennifer Garner's Jenna who went from teenager to 30-year-old in one night.

Here are the 30 fashion movies and TV series to stream and feel like one of the beloved fashion icons of the world of cinema.


1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn dressed by Hubert de Givenchy and Edith Head. The perfect classic movie to watch when you have the paturnias and can't go out and eat a croissant at Tiffany's.

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple TV+, Hulu

2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

It's impossible not to fall in love with Mrs Maisel and this TV show. Brilliant dialogues, fast rhythm and a delightful female character played by Rachel Brosnahan. Her colourful '50s, as costume designer Donna Zakowska explains, are designed to portray "the optimism of a woman who, in spite of everything that’s going on, still keeps on standing up and affirming her spirit".

Available On: Amazon Prime

3. The Devil Wears Prada

Does this one really need explaining?

Available On: YouTube

4. Franca: Chaos and Creation

Directed by Francesco Carrozzini, son of Franca Sozzani, the documentary is the love letter of a son to a very special mother who, as director of Vogue Italia, has made fashion history.

Available On: Netflix, YouTube

5. Clueless

Cher e Dion are the ultimate resources for ’90s style.

Available On: Netflix, Youtube

6. Marie Antoinette

Where do you find another queen who wears Converse sneakers?

Available on

7. Sex and the City

True fans will say the series is much better than the two films, but in times of crisis, there is a desperate need for Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime

8. Dior and I

A journey with Raf Simons during the creation of his first haute couture collection at the helm of Dior. A review of his aesthetic while we wait to see what he will do at Prada.

Available on: YouTube

9. Mad Men

In 7 seasons the series offers a maniacally detailed portrait of the decade between 1960 and 1970. And it does so by bringing to the screen a show that combines a complex, well-developed story with a refined aesthetic previously unusual for a TV show.

Available on: Netflix

10. Confessions of a Shopaholic

With the Devil Wears Prada and the two Sex & the City, it's one of the best fashionable and easy movies to watch when you're a little depressed. Becky's misadventures and colourful looks are a sparkling cure for quarantine sadness.

Available on: YouTube

11. Gossip Girl

Louboutin on the feet and Chanel on the shoulder. Gossip Girl's stars are true fashion victims. Blair and Serena's characters are inspired by real style icons: Audrey Hepburn for the first one and Kate Moss and Sienna Miller for the second one.

Available on: Netflix

12. 13 Going on 30

The perfect movie to experience the quarantine ironically. Our tip? Make popcorn, wear pyjamas, put a beauty mask on your face, place yourself on the sofa or on the bed and press play.

Available on: Netflix

13. Killing Eve

We've told you many times, Villanelle is one of the coolest girls on the TV series. Other reasons to watch Killing Eve? The show is written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and starring Sandra Oh aka Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy.

Available On: Hulu

14. Atonement

The green dress worn by Keira Knightley is so beautiful that it keeps every fashion lover stuck in front of the screen.

Available On: Amazon Prime, YouTube

15. The Nanny

The most popular sitcom, along with Friends, in recent decades. Fran Fine is the true fashion influencer of the 90s, so cool that she also has an IG account, @whatfranwore.

Available on: Amazon Prime

16. High Fidelity

If you love Zoë Kravitz and her style, you can't miss this TV series, a reboot of a cult 90s movie that, itself, was a film adaptation of Nick Hornby's High Fidelity novel.

Available on: Hulu

17. The Talented Mr. Ripley

Gwyneth Paltrow pre-Goop. When she was still acting and making the rules of the wasp style (here in 50s version).

Available on: Netflix

18. The OC

Melissa Cooper was perhaps the greatest fashion influencer of the early 2000s. The outfits worn by the rebel princess of Orange Country, Summer and Seth are a collection of that period's style.

Available on: Amazon Prime

19. A Simple Favor

Gli outfit del film forniscono il giusto esempio da seguire per la donna moderna in quarantena divisa tra vita casalinga e smart working. Blake Lively aka Serena van der Woodsen docet.

Disponibile su: Amazon Prime, YouTube

20. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

In materia di stile e non solo, la Sabrina di Kiernan Shipka batte quella OG di Melissa Joan Hart 100 a 0.

Disponibile su: Netflix

21. Chiara Ferragni unposted

Un viaggio autorizzato nel mondo dei Ferragnez. Da guardare Instagram non vi basta e siete in astinenza da fashion influencer.

Disponibile su: Amazon Prime

22. Glow

For an insane dose of '80s fashion.

Available on: Netflix

23. The Tenenbaum

Wes Anderson at his best and a series of characters who became iconic.

Available on: YouTube

24. Big Little Lies

Nicole KidmanReese WitherspoonZoe KravitzLaura DernShailene Woodley. And in season two, Meryl Streep. Need I say more?

Available on: Hulu

25. Almost Famous

Rock 'n roll, stylish groupies, 70s and Kate Hudson in her cult role.

Available on: YouTube

26. Sex Education

That's because Emma Mackey  is one of our favorites.

Available on: Netflix

27. Peaky Blinders

Gangsters, style and beautiful antique jewelry (also for men).

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime

28. Romeo + Juliet

Shakespeare revisited in a pop style. With Prada costumes.

Available on: YouTube

29. Grace and Frankie

If you're locked in the house with your best friend and this quarantine is taking longer than expected, then hope to grow old with the same style and self-irony as Grace and Frankie.

Available on: Netflix

30.Next in Fashion

Alexa Chung and Tan France introduce us to future fashion talents.

Available on: Netflix