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Sexting with the new emojis

More than 100 brand new emojis to unleash your fantasies

Sexting with the new emojis More than 100 brand new emojis to unleash your fantasies

To the delight of many, yesterday Apple announced the introduction of more than 100 brand new emojis for 2020. Scrolling through ninjas, bison, teapots and super sad rocks, the question naturally arises: what do we need all these emojis for?

The answer can only be one, especially if you're already familiar with the funny and unexpected emoji for sexting. Yes because the purpose of some of these cannot but be for that, a healthy dose of wild sexting, that we hope will turn into something more concrete sooner or later. As an alternative, they can be a good way to tell your BFF about your date. 

nss G-Club suggests you what emojis to use depending on the mood you're trying to convey, the wish you want to express and the phantasy you want to make come true. Use them wisely. 


Smiley face with tear

A whole mood. Not only the perfect representation of every day's mood but also the perfect answer when after days spent sexting and sending hot pics he tells you that he can't come over to your place tonight. 


Pinched Fingers

The gesture that in the world is synonymous with Italy and being Italian could be the perfect answer after receiving unsolicited hot or dick pics. 


Magic Wand

If you're feeling generous after seeing one of his dick pics or if he's not very humble when describing HIS magic wand.  


Carpentry Saw

Do I really need to add anything? 


Sewing Needle

The elegant and sartorial evolution of the emojis with two fingers mimicking a hole and the hand with the finger point to the left. A rebus. 



What happens after you hit a piñata? Exactly, with much more gentleness and tenderness, the metaphor can apply also for the sexual act, candies for all! 



'You're made of wood' has just turned into a compliment. 



This is the emoji I hope you never receive after one of your oral performances. Make sure also that this isn't how he describes your blowjob to his friends. 


Woman with veil

This is the mood when after months of sexting sex lives up to expectations.