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The best outfits and beauty looks from the second night of Sanremo 2024

From Giorgia as flapper girl to Emma dark lady

The best outfits and beauty looks from the second night of Sanremo 2024 From Giorgia as flapper girl to Emma dark lady

And also the second evening of Sanremo 2024 has come to an end. Amadeus, accompanied by Giorgia, took the reins of a somewhat lackluster show that saw 15 artists perform, introduced by the other half of the competing singers. On the stage of the Ariston, Mahmood, Emma, Clara, Loredana Bertè took turns presenting their own songs and looks in an attempt to win the favor of the audience. Did they succeed? Only the final ranking and time will tell. But the Italian Song Festival is not only about music but also about many different moments. The most intense moment of the evening was when Giovanni Allievi returned to perform, delivering a long monologue about the "gifts" received from the illness that struck him. "When everything collapses, and only the essential remains, external judgment no longer matters. I am what I am, and we are what we are... it is liberating to be oneself." The moment we would like to forget? John Travolta doing the Ballo del Qua Qua with Amadeus and Fiorello. Speaking of fashion, what have we learned from these first two nights of Sanremo? If you don't have a pair of cuissard, you are nobody.

Here are the best outfits and beauty looks of the second evening of Sanremo 2024.


Brand: Dior

Look:  a bit Tamara De Lempicka, a bit Victor Victoria. Giorgia entrusted herself to Dior, which transformed her into a flapper girl, featuring smoking jackets, fringe dresses, and plunging mini dresses. The beauty aspect also evokes the '20s mood with garçonne-style hair, red lipstick, and a glowing complexion.


Brand: Maison Margiela

Look: Ghali takes on the somewhat awkward role of a presenter. After the glittering Loewe look from last night to introduce Fred De Palma, he wears an outfit from Maison Margiela's SS24. Styled by Ramona Tabita, he opts for oversized proportions for jacket, shirt, and pants. Accessories include a knotted neckerchief, opera gloves, and Tabi boots. To quote Amadeus, "Cool as always."


Brand: Mugler

Look: Guided by stylist Lorenzo Posocco, Emma enters her dark era with a Mugler dress featuring long sleeves and an asymmetrical skirt, paired with black vinyl cuissard boots from Casadei. Adding a twist to the look is the Snake necklace, a jewel from the collection created by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany&Co. Her hair is styled in a sleek chignon with a side part, while MrDanielMakeup for Sephora creates a makeup look with pink shades.


Brand: Rick Owens

Look: Announced by Alessandra Amoroso, Mahmood descends the Ariston stairs to perform Tuta Gold in a total Rick Owens look: asymmetric see-through top, high-waisted flared pants, and Grill Kiss boots. Wet curls frame his beautiful face, enhanced by a glowing and sun-kissed complexion. God save king Mahmood.

Alessandra Amoroso

Brand: Roberto Cavalli

Look: Alessandra Amoroso channels Taylor Swift at the 2023 Grammys. The singer's "Reputation Era" coincides with her debut in the competition and as a co-host (she introduced Mahmood), celebrated with a total black outfit with embedded sparkle from Roberto Cavalli. The beauty? Disheveled updo and bold makeup with smokey eyes and creamy lipstick.


Brand: Lorenzo Seghezzi

Look: BigMama once again chooses a creation by Lorenzo Seghezzi, this time a gothic Madonna-inspired ensemble including a corset, hood, and skirt. The performance sees the singer ending up in a red bodysuit and tights with the words "Queer" and "Revolution." More than a look, it's a claim of beauty and self-confidence. The beauty aspect is captivating with a wet hairstyle featuring hair jewels accentuating the waves of the fringe. Serena Polh's makeup is hypnotic: glass skin, graphic eyeliner with double wings intertwining, nude creamy lipstick. The final red touch comes from stiletto nails by @unghiesupreme.


Angelina Mango

Brand: Etro

Look: Angelina Mango returns to the Ariston stage to introduce The Kolor's performance, wearing once again an outfit from Etro by Marco De Vincenzo. After Tuesday's dress, tonight she opts for an embroidered tulle jumpsuit with a jersey hood and brocade velvet corset, paired with Mary Jane cl plateau shoes. The Bumble and Bumble team creates a semi-updo with wet styling and micro braids for her, while Chantal Ciaffardini crafts ombré lips and warms the complexion with a blush in warm tones.

Loredana Berté

Brand: Maison Valentino

Look: If Mahmood is the king of this edition, Loredana Bertè is the queen. She steps on stage with another outfit from Maison Valentino, this time a feathered white shirt with a black tie, which she devours. Completing the look are her iconic long turquoise hair and pink lipstick.


Brand: Dolce&Gabbana

Look: Annalisa as a femme fatale in Dolce&Gabbana showcases a black dress with a plunging neckline and, as the previous night, garters. The ginger hats are long and loose, while the makeup by YSL Beauty, like the outfit, plays with sensuality with a '90s cat-eye and lips.


Brand: Giuseppe Di Morabito

Look: Clara has decided to literally wear her own song. Every outfit, at least so far, seems to allude to the raw diamonds of the lyrics with a diva-like sparkle. For her second performance at the Ariston, the singer showcased a bling-bling bustier dress with a small cut-out revealing the navel. The brand? Giuseppe Di Morabito. Completing the look is a sleek chignon and a cat-eye framing Clara's aqua-green eyes.