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The best vintage stores in Italy and around the world

If you've never been to one of these addresses, you'll want to visit them

The best vintage stores in Italy and around the world If you've never been to one of these addresses, you'll want to visit them

It's not news that vintage is back in fashion. Yet every year there is always something new. Perhaps it's the constant input we get from the globe's most famous stylists, spurring us to hunt for hidden treasures in small stores that know how to do research among what people no longer want to wear or can no longer keep as heirlooms in their closets. The latest examples are glaring: in the third season of Emily in Paris, Marylin Fitoussi alternated seasonal looks with vintage accessories, making Emily Cooper's (Lily Collins) outfits much more interesting than previous seasons. The same thing continues to be done by the team of fashion experts behind the Sex and the City mythos, bringing up in the reboot And just like that... not only archival items and garments, admired in the 2000s on Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), but also going to unearth goodies in flea markets and thrift stores. And here we are, suggesting a guide to the best second hand shops on the globe, where you can go to find unexpected goodies, far removed from the popular e-commerce or the now-hyped apps of Vinted and Vestiarie Collective where you can buy what for other people wasn't the hit of a lifetime (but will be yours). So, wherever you are in the world, here are the addresses of shopping-an otherwise sustainable choice-that gives quality clothes and accessories a second chance.

Vintage clothing stores in Milan

One could make an endless list of stores and second-hand initiatives in the fashion capital of Milan. Yet to stand out, for their selection, there are four. At Madame Pauline's, famous for its historical archives where to give in to an original piece, there is a new addition, namely the section dedicated to Valentino Vintage, the fashion house that spurs to make the past future thanks to clothes from past eras. Equally historic is Cavalli and Nastri, the mecca for finding any look from any era. Decidedly more recent is Archetipo, which was born out of the idea of making available all those treasures that women in Milan can no longer keep in their closets, as well as an address, Archetipo Tessuti, where to hunt for vintage textures to make unique pillows or dresses. This is basically the address to turn into Emily in Paris in Milan with cocktail dresses but also thanks to cult accessories, at any price. Last but not least is Shop the story, where you can always find new drops from the most cult fashion shows of recent years.

From Lugo to Naples, via Rome

In the province of Ravenna, the historic A.N.G.E.L.O Vintage opens a headquarters dedicated to all its vintage research, which can be purchased right there. A beautiful selection is also in Venice, at SangueBlu, a young reality that offers garments and accessories with a pop flavor, while in Turin the right address is Plus Venturino, for those who want something unexpected. Roman detour to Pifebo and Lesley Luxury, the former perfect for those looking for vintage jackets, royals-style but also motomami, and the latter as a true mecca for designer accessories. In Naples, on the other hand, the king of accessories is Mastro Geppetto, which stocks Chanel and Hermès of all seasons.

In London 

The realm of second-hand would have an endless list of places to unearth designer and non-designer goodies, starting with its headquarters on Portobello Road. Yet standing out here is the coolest reality ever invented. Its name is One of a Kind, and it's basically an archive, beautiful even just to go and admire, of all the iconic garments from whatever collection of the year you desire. Not surprisingly, it is a favorite of celebrities, from Kate Moss to Elle Fanning, to walk red carpets or snap up some editorial. Another noteworthy place, and also recommended in a recent interview by It-girl Camille Charriere, is West Archive, where to hoard the most obliging collections of the last decade.

In New York and Los Angeles

For fans of garments visited on stars of yesterday and today, the Big Apple is indeed a regular stop. At James Veloria, for example, young people love to shop because the items are at great prices, and for a handful of dollars you can range from giffes like Vivienne Westwood and Tom Ford. Historic, on the other hand, is What Comes Around Goes Around, which has offered unique pieces and iconic It-bags for more than 25 years. Desert Vintage, on the other hand, is for cool girls who feel a bit like Gossip Girl insiders all the time. Moving to California's Los Angeles, two archives to watch out for are Pechuga is beloved by the stars and their corsetry is to die for, while Aralda is celebrated for all those archival garments you would like to wear at least once in your life that Alexa Demie had the honor of wearing in the second season of Euphoria. Havre Studio, a vintage shop in business since 2019, is also winning over those who work with their image thanks to its selection of blazers: Emily Ratajkowski chose one to pose on the presentation cover of her book in the New York Times and influencer Matilda Djerf intersperses them with garments from her brand, Djerf Avenue.

In Paris

Nina Gabbana Vintage is among Rihanna and Ariana Grande's favorite vintage stores, credit for goodies from the 1990s or even more antiquated eras. But true Parisians have two fixed stops, where they find designer and non-but-stylish garments like those that Emily in Paris' Silvye would choose: mark Thanx God I'm a VIP and Les Merveilles De Babellou.

In Tokyo

Amore Vintage is the go-to stop for all aficionadas of the most manga and avant-garde destination there is. But competing with it is The Elephant, which offers underground garments from Helmut Lang to Raf Simons.

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