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Superga's Italian design fascinates Emily Ratajkowski

The model added her touch to two models of SS22 collection as brand ambassador

Superga's Italian design fascinates Emily Ratajkowski  The model added her touch to two models of SS22 collection as brand ambassador

Emily Ratajkowski loves walking the streets of New York in her spare time, enjoying the sounds of the city and the fresh air on her face when she's off-duty from both work and new mother responsibilities. Superga's classic style and rich Italian heritage was born in 1925, when the young Turin entrepreneur Walter Martiny experimented with the first prototype of a rubber-soled tennis shoe for his wife, the best-selling 2750. Since then, in almost 100 years, this authentic sneaker has been a blank canvas on which designers and artists from around the world have been able to express their creativity, writing together with Superga a piece of history of fashion and design. This history has long fascinated Emily as well, so much so that she says that the collaboration as ambassador for the Superga Italia and Superga USA brands "was completely natural".

Often in marketing we talk about how fundamental it is to select the right faces to associate with a product, without forcing associations that would have no reason to exist, and that's why this new face linked to the clean aesthetics of the brand of the BasicNet SpA group, a company that also owns Kappa®, Robe di Kappa®, Jesus® Jeans, K-Way®, Sabelt®, Briko® and Sebago®, is a match made in the name of the basic but refined style, always evoked by white sneakers. In addition to style, one thing Ratajkowski appreciates about Sueperga is its commitment to sustainability.

"Sustainability is extremely important," she added. "I grew up in California and have been aware of environmental concerns, recycling and water conservation since a young age. I have seen the fashion industry make great strides to change the way they make things and I am constantly taking stock of how we could improve within my brand, Inamorata, as we work to be as eco-friendly as possible."

Emily participated in the creative process by designing a capsule collection that brings her personal touch, such as rounded laces and off-white binding on her iconic Superga® styles, the 2750 and the Alpina model, preserving their timeless silhouette and authentic spirit with a modern twist. The creative union of Italian design worn by one of the most relevant international celebrities of the entertainment scene is immortalized by photographer Zoey Grossmann, author of shots that frame contemporary icons such as Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, at Milk Studio in Los Angeles.

Emily poses with her characteristic confidence and nonchalance in a sweatshirt, blue and white striped cotton boxer shorts and white tank top, with American leisure styling by Emma Morrison, while wearing the hero models of the collection designed by her along with the more classic 2750 and 2790 sneakers. The models designed by Ratajkowski will be released respectively on April 22 and May 16, while the models 2631 Stripe Platform, 2490 Bold organic canvas Natural Dye, 2790 Cotw and 4089 Training 9TS Slim Vegan are already available, which elevate the SUperga style with heights applied to the sole and new shades.