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What are tooth gems and where do they come from?

È finita l'era dei gioielli al collo

What are tooth gems and where do they come from? È finita l'era dei gioielli al collo

According to a recent trend survey by Pinterest, the Z generation is taking the bling-bling trend to a higher level. But not among the jewels: rhinestones invade the whole body. The Dermal piercing had an increase +145% while the gems for the teeth, would have had a peak of +85% compared to last year according to the recent report of Stylight Insights. But the act of beautifying the smile is not a new phenomenon. To invent these gems for the teeth were the ancient Maya, who associated a mouth "jeweled" to a sign of wealth. Japanese aristocrats, on the other hand, practiced the ohaguro, that is, they dyed their teeth black as a symbol of health and beauty, to celebrate the coming of age. Grillz - more like diamond-set dentures - and dental gems were depopulated in the 90s: having shiny teeth is as cool as embellishing your dental appliance. As taught by the young girls of Carrie Bradshaw & Co. in Sex and the city, the iron platelets were nerd, you had to embellish them, for example, with precious sapphires.

But it is with the 2000’s that these rhinestones that illuminate the smile are among the hottest trends ever. Katy Perry had the swoosh of Nike, Nelly had even dedicated a song to grillz. What is this trend? Decorate a tooth, or more, with rhinestones, crystals and, in some cases, diamonds, with a semi-permanent gem or with a grillz that is applied with a simple click. Now on Tiktok the application of dental buds has taken hold as a true do-it-yourself trend, although experts recommend it is better to turn to professionals, because the glue could ruin the tooth enamel permanently. In short, the last strictly Y2K habit of dental gems, as in the case of piercings and tattoos, must be evaluated with experts in the field. How complicated are these flashes to maintain?

For Chai Beauty, the salon that only applies bling to teeth in London, explained that you can drink, eat and brush your teeth quietly, perhaps avoiding alcohol and too acidic drinks, in addition to foods too hard, not to blow up the jewel tooth. But after all, if you want to shine some sacrifice you have to do.