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5 things you may not know about the Euphoria star Alexa Damie

Hidden Talents, friendship with Petra Collins and the mystery of her age

 5 things you may not know about the Euphoria star Alexa Damie Hidden Talents, friendship with Petra Collins and the mystery of her age

From her role as Estee in Mid90s to Alexis Lopez in Waves, passing naturally to the part that made her famous on the big screen, the irreverent cheerleader Maddy Perez in the 'Gen Z manifesto' series, Euphoria, in recent years Alexa Demie has dominated the stereotype of adolescent representation in film and television with its skimpy outfits and Latin charm. The second season of Euphoria is out today on HBO, and, in addition to the intrigues also the endless tiktok loops and youtube tutorials of enthusiastic girls who reproduce the make-up and look, complete with low waist jeans and skimpy tops, of the real one will also return. The true star star of the series (sorry Zendaya), Maddy Perez, the prom queen who lives an abusive relationship with a toxic athlete named Nate Jacobs, played by Jacob Elordi. Yet despite her notoriety, Alexa Demie is still a mystery, with a career ranging from singing to directing and little desire to show off on social media, so here's a list of 5 things you may not know about the Mexican-born star

Hidden talents

In addition to acting, Demie has been a singer and a songwriter since high school, her first single, Girl Like Me, was released in 2016 and worked on her first EP before returning to shoot the second season of Euphoria, the single that premiered two month ago it is called Leopard Limo. As if that weren't enough, Demie is also a fashion designer: her senior year of high school, she traveled to Japan to produce an eyewear collection called Mainframe, which began as an after-school hobby and quickly became a successful line in LA, worn from celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez to SNL.

The mystery of her age

In much of the interviews during the 2019 Euphoria-mania, it was reported that Demie was 24, the debate over Damie's true age arose when Internet investigators managed to trace her yearbook: according to the list of alumni high school graduate in 2008, which would make her 31 years old in a few days. Her Wikipedia page at the time reported options 1994/1995, while the year that appears today is 1990. Some fans flooded Twitter with Demie memes that fueled a controversial virtual conspiracy, degenerated into memes portraying Alexa as an immortal vampire, finding photos that portray her together with 'dated' celebrities from the star system such as Sky Ferreira, Grimes, Azealia Banks and making everything even more confusing. Without a response from Demie, the controversy quickly died out. However, Demie's AgeGate reveals how fragile the concept of age is in Hollywood (particularly when it comes to women) and how much the portrayal of the adolescent stereotype on the big screen both is character-generated and has very little in common with true adolescents (see Riverdale), provoking an infinite loop of unrealistic stereotypes about physicality, conduct and life, that adolescents feel they must have today based on the models they see represented. In addition, Amanda Lear teaches us that if there is really something that can make you famous is doubt, the showgirl with the deep voice has based her career precisely on ambiguity: for many years her fans have been wondering the truth about her  biological sex, if she was born a man or a woman and her true age is still unknown.

Her signature make-up

Alexa was raised by a single mother, Rose Mendez, a makeup artist of Mexican origins, so it is not surprising that after a childhood spent among magazines and brushes, she wanted to take an active part in the design of the make-up badge worn in the series and created by Doniella Davy. Between rhinestones and eye shadows in color block, eye-catching and unscrupulous at least as much as the pop icons that inspire it, in Euphoria Maddy's makeup is a nineties and 2000s revival, made of all-over rhinestones and cat-eyes. In the series, makeup helps to define the story and personality of each character, in Maddy's case the pain of a broken childhood and toxic relationship with her psychotic boyfriend is hidden behind a facade made of bold eyeliner lines and flashy eyeshadows, while her vulnerability shines through rhinestones and beads, to highlight her romantic and, despite everything, hopeful soul.

The relationship with her mother 

In an interview for Instyle, Alexie talked about the affinities that bind the personal story of her mother, Rosa Mendes, to the character she played in Waves, Alexis, in fact both have decided to carry on a pregnancy at a young age despite the numerous difficulties and the hostility from the family: “My mother had me at an early age and everyone told her to have an abortion because she was so young and would have no financial help. I tried to hear what she was feeling at that moment, how adamant she was in holding her baby despite what everyone around her was saying." The first feature film that will mark Alexa's debut as a director tells the story of Ms. Mendes, a makeup artist who immigrated to Los Angeles from Mexico who grew up in the Hollywood club scene of the 1980s.

The photo book with Petra Collins

Alexa Damie posed for her friend Petra Collins for Rizzoli's photo book, Fairy Tales, over 154 glossy pages filled with erotic folklore stories, fueled by fevered dreams. Collins, artist, director of photography, model, actress, music video director for Selena Gomez, Cardi B and Olivia Rodrigo, as well as the face of Gucci in 2016, captures Demie as we've never seen her before in a surreal retelling of the fairy tales we know and love, transformed into a series of mythical creatures - elves, mermaids, banshees, fallen angels and witches - all incorporated into nine stories they wrote together.