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Summer 2021 must-have: Matinée swimwear by Chiara Biasi

The influencer and art director of the brand told nss G-Club all the curiosities about the new collections and her summer essentials

Summer 2021 must-have: Matinée swimwear by Chiara Biasi The influencer and art director of the brand told nss G-Club all the curiosities about the new collections and her summer essentials

The most anticipated time of the year is coming. Summer. After more than a year of restrictions and lockdowns we are ready to taste freedom again, the most carefree and true one; freedom to feel the scent of the sea and the warmth of the sun on the skin; to dive into the water and swim as long as it goes. So, to prepare ourselves for holidays, whether it is for a destination along the coast of our Bel Paese or for an exotic location, why not starting with the choice of swimsuit?

The keywords of summer 2021 are freedom, self-discovery, love for ourselves and for our body. And these are the same values at the base of Matinée, swimwear brand under the art direction of the fashion influencer Chiara Biasi, after several years of successful collaborations.

From the topic of body positivity to the latest trends of the season, Chiara Biasi and Matinée are able to tell through the collections a story that talks about people, thanks to a product that can make us feel good with ourselves, in our own uniqueness. Contemporary, chic, inclusive, Matinée by Chiara Biasi beachwear is this and much more, and is ready to become the must-have of summer 2021.

A few days after the release of Rainbow, latest collection and part of a special project of the brand, nss G-Club spoke directly with Chiara Biasi to find out through a mini interview all the curiosities about Matinée, Rainbow and the project #matinéecrew, and on the inspiration behind the hottest swimwear collections of the moment.


Hi Chiara, tell us about Matinée. How do the brand's collections come to life and what are your main sources of inspiration?

Each collection of Matinée comes from my feelings and from what I experience every day. I feel like I own each piece. Each item of Matinée is born from the search for something that I would like to wear personally and from how I would like to feel wearing them.
My main inspiration is people, public and non-public figures, who stimulate me: the women and men I would like.


The new collection Rainbow is part of the #matinéecrew project, whose motto is “Everybody is welcome”. What does this collection and the project in general mean to you?

I had been planning how to develop this project for almost two years: my goal is to make all my followers and the followers of Matinée feel part of the brand, and that the collections take shape thanks to everyone who believes in the project. My items and bikinis should make anyone feel beautiful, proud and confident. And this doesn't depend at all on sex, nationality, color of the skin or anything else. Making someone feel loved is the most satisfying feeling in the world.


What was the creative process behind the Rainbow collection campaign and how did you select the cast?

I love the color block very much and from here came the idea of a collection with the colors of the rainbow that could also be shared on the occasion of Pride Month. Being a collection that celebrates inclusivity, I wanted to communicate the motto Everybody is Welcome through the bodies and stories of different people.

We opened an online casting through my Instagram account and Matinée's for a few days and we received over 4000 applications from all over Italy! Initially it was necessary to do a huge skimming, even if we wanted to include thousands of different faces and bodies; we had to select 10 people who best represented Matinée and my ideas. Together with my collaborators we carried out both a virtual and physical casting to get to know the guys who could represent the collection better.


What are Matinée's plans for the future?

Push ourselves overseas, in a more homogeneous and concrete way.


What is your favorite item of Matinée or the one that best represents you? And what are your summer essentials?

My summer essential is definitely the pareo, short and long. My favorite Matinée models? The sports top Martine and the Emma slips from the new Rainbow capsule!