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Versace presents the new beachwear collection "La Vacanza"

Maison's mermaid core meets Italian summer

Versace presents the new beachwear collection La Vacanza Maison's mermaid core meets Italian summer

Summer is coming. The need to relax on the beach under the sun, chat with friends while sitting on the rocks, eat ice cream by the sea, relax while doing crossword puzzles under the beach umbrella, dive into the blue waves and fall in love is on the rise. Like in the campaign for La Vacanza, the new beachwear collection by Versace, photographed by Camille Summers-Valli and set in Camogli, Liguria.

With this shoot I wanted to create something fun that captures the spirit of a vacation. We all miss travel. - Said Donatella Versace explaining the concept of the project that also involves her daughter Allegra Versace Beck as stylist - We miss the excitement of being somewhere different, of meeting with friends and sharing experiences. These images are about enjoying life and feeling free, they encapsulate that summertime feeling of endless possibilities.

The brand takes us on a visual journey into an indolent and carefree Italian summer, in which the Mediterranean aesthetic meets the mermaid core made of corals, shells and starfish that also dominated Versacepolis, Versace's SS21 collection. The typical elements of the deep sea, along with the brand's iconic Greca pattern, invade everything from bikinis to boxers, from silk shirts to sarongs, from beach towels to slippers, from bathrobes to jewelry, from travel bags to surfboards.

All La Vacanza items are available on the Versace website.