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Christina Aguilera cares about our sexual pleasure

And that's why she launched a new lubricant and a hotline

Christina Aguilera cares about our sexual pleasure And that's why she launched a new lubricant and a hotline

"Sex is an essential part of our overall well-being, and @hello.playgroud is here to remind you that every part of your body, not just hair or face, deserves to be pampered." With this phrase posted on her Instagram profile a year ago, Christina Aguilera announced her new role as co-founder, along with Catherine Magee, of Playground, a brand dedicated to sexual health and wellness. During this time, the brand has grown by 700% and is expected to continue to do so thanks to products that stand out in the market with ingredients such as ashwagandha, actaea racemosa, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E.

The latest of these products is Pillow Talk Wild Rose and Cream Essence. This is a new version of Playground's best-selling personal lubricant, adding notes of rose, heliotrope flower, peony, and tonka bean to its adaptogenic water-based formula. Magee explains that this mix of scents, described as "warm, feminine, sexy, sensual, romantic, dreamy, subtle, creamy, seductive, and inviting," was conceived by Aguilera herself: "Christina loves essences. Scents are part of her creative process. When she's in the studio, she has her favorite candles. When we started the product creation process, she brought her favorite candles and created a bedroom atmosphere that we used to create this essence."

The launch of Pillow Talk is linked to two special initiatives. The first? Playground will donate 1% of the product's net proceeds to the Center for Intimacy Justice. The second is to destigmatize conversations about sex with an advertising campaign centered on a sexual wellness tips hotline. Those who call 1-888-PLY-GRND can listen to Aguilera's advice on intimacy, learn more about the new product, receive a discount code, and share their own tips, but also leave a voicemail with their phone number for a chance to receive a personal call from the pop star. For both Aguilera and Magee, the campaign - which directly targets women and challenges the culture of shame surrounding women's sexual health and sexual pleasure - is a first step in spreading and supporting a positive view of sex, seen as something beneficial to health and well-being, as well as pleasure.