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White hair, between remedies and acceptance

Eyeshadows, sprays and hairdressers: what to do in case of white roots?

White hair, between remedies and acceptance Eyeshadows, sprays and hairdressers: what to do in case of white roots?

I’m almost 30 years old and have brown hair. Occasionally, in the mirror, I seem to spot a hair that’s not white but at least golden, light, completely blonde. It’s strange, but it had to happen sooner or later, and for now, it doesn’t bother me too much. Since I was 14, I’ve been saying that I can’t wait to have completely white hair so I can color it any shade I want without bleaching, and I enjoy smiling at the ladies with purple hair who might have had the same thought I did. In the office and with friends, the comparison starts periodically. How many white hairs do you have? The one you saw the other morning, can you find it again? Where did it go? Let me show you. Do you see it? When did your parents start getting them? In short, it’s a recurring topic.

Roots and White Hair: Practical Solutions

Not everyone starts "graying" at the same time, and not everyone is ready to accept it with grace. Keeping an eye on white hair and roots requires a certain daily, or almost daily, commitment. Regular visits to our trusted hairdresser or our friend who does our dye, not to mention the expenses. Thorough maintenance would take away the little free time we have that isn’t occupied by work or study, which we’d rather spend with friends, family, at the park, or at concerts and evening outings. So, we rely on touch-ups, leaving permanent and semi-permanent treatments aside, at least as long as we can. Among these touch-ups are colored sprays.

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TikTok’s Latest Craze? Hair Shadow for the hair

What if we want a product that’s cheap and easy to apply? An hair shadow type product, but for hair, is becoming increasingly popular, and people are already finding ways to use traditional eyeshadows instead, as often happens on social media with the most resourceful and waste-conscious creators. This type of product, besides being practical and inexpensive, adds volume to the hair, is washable, doesn’t damage the hair since it’s usually gentle, and is portable for last-minute touch-ups. For the more imaginative, it can also be used in different colors to add a funky touch to the hair, for highlights, and to accentuate streaks.

The Boldest Option

White hair ages us, and being old for a woman is a curse. Looking old makes it harder to gain authority, respect, and attention, and makes us less attractive. And the sooner it happens, the worse it is. Obviously, society ingrains this in us from a young age, and it’s very difficult to undo. However, more and more famous women and stars in film and music are embracing their gray hair and showing it off beautifully even at major events. Just think of Salma Hayek, Letizia Ortiz, Marina Diamandis, and Pamela Anderson. Maybe, slowly, we’ll stop seeing white hair as a problem and embrace it for what it is: a sign that time is passing and that we’re lucky enough to be here to appreciate it.