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A new step has just been added to Korean skincare

It's about face essence, let's talk about it

A new step has just been added to Korean skincare It's about face essence, let's talk about it

The Korean skincare has been talked about for years. This specific routine became part of skincare enthusiasts' conversations a while ago, with increasing frequency. Each of its steps has been examined from both a sensory and results-oriented perspective, convincing many of its effectiveness. The discussion is broad, divided into chapters. Today, we will focus on a lesser-known step that adds to an already complex routine. We're talking about facial essence.

What is Facial Essence in Korean Skincare?

Some terms from the Asian skincare routine, such as toner and mask, were already known, present in the lexicon of Western skincare enthusiasts before the global spread of the Korean tradition. The word essence is not among them. It's a unique product, characterized by a high concentration of active ingredients. What makes it stand out, and it's one of its strengths, is the consistency of this product. Contrary to what one might think, it's not heavy at all. Instead, it's characterized by an imperceptible watery texture. The sensation is like applying a veil of well-being to your skin, for an extra pampering moment of care and relaxation. In the Korean ten-step skincare routine, the moment dedicated to essence falls in the fifth position, specifically between the application of toner and that of serums and boosters.


What is the Best Facial Essence?

There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it's up to each individual to identify the perfect essence for their skin's needs. Therefore, it's necessary to roll up our sleeves and search for the solution that best suits us, integrating our skincare routine with an effective and useful ally. There are many essences on the market, so let's provide some examples. Those in need of hydration can benefit from using an essence. Additionally, those focusing on nutritive and antioxidant care can find an essence specifically designed for that purpose. A side note for fans of glass skin: essences are often appreciated for their illuminating effect. Those aiming for a glowy effect, in perfect harmony with the trends of the season, can count on them.

How to Use Facial Essence

While the instructions on the specific product packaging should be followed, as any long-time aficionado of Korean skincare knows, our best tool for applying essence is our hands, which are all we need for accurate and even application. Gentleness, as always when it comes to skincare, is key not only when choosing the products to entrust with our skin's care but also when it's time to apply them. For this reason, it's essential to take all the time needed for facial well-being, both to identify the suitable aids to support it and to create a pleasant, unhurried encounter between the skin itself and our favorite products. Regarding essence, it's usually recommended to pat it onto the face with small, careful movements.