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It's time for solid fragrances

Let's find out the benefits of these beauty accessories

The perfume makes us feel more confident, more beautiful, ready to face the day, from the office meeting to the romantic date. A spritz or a swipe of the right fragrance completes our look and tells others about us, like a sort of business card for our personality. It's no coincidence that perfume was one of the first make-ups in history. The ancient Egyptians called it Kyphi, and it was a blend derived from maceration in pistachio oil of various ingredients, including mint, myrrh, cinnamon, and juniper, a sacred ointment to the gods, with relaxing and soothing properties. They used it as a beauty gesture and a sign of social status. And, like all perfumes until the 13th century when the alcohol distillation process was introduced to the West, it was solid. More like a lip balm than today's little bottle filled with liquid notes of vanilla or jasmine.

The beauty world looks to the past to paint the future and is increasingly leaning towards solid products, including perfumes, which are becoming a trend. The reason? They are compact, small, discreet, often have very nice packaging, and are more sustainable than the liquid version.

What are solid perfumes?

Solid perfumes are fragrances presented in solid form, typically as balm or paste. Their recipe hasn't changed much since the time of Cleopatra. They are made with a combination of vegetable oils, beeswax, essential oils, and other ingredients fused together. The main difference from the liquid version? The absence of alcohol.

How to use solid perfumes

The way to use solid perfumes is not much different from the liquid version. Take a small amount of the product between your fingers and tap it on strategic points, near the veins, where pulsations activate the fragrance, helping olfactory notes to emerge: wrists, behind the ears, chest, elbows, and the navel area. Avoid the hair; there are specific mists with custom formulations for the hair.

They are convenient and affordable

Given their weight (which does not affect the duration or intensity of their olfactory power), the price of solid perfumes is generally much lower than liquid ones. The main advantage? Practicality. Their waxy consistency makes them compact and leak-proof. There is no danger of leaving oily marks on clothes or losing the content. They are often very small, so they are perfect for travel. They fit perfectly into our handbags, even in the smallest ones, just like a lipstick.

They are alcohol-free and last longer

Solid perfumes differ from sprays because they are made with a base of beeswax, shea butter, or vaseline, and, above all, because they do not contain alcohol, a substance that allows fragrant oils in the liquid version to meld and dissolve together. The result is a higher concentration of fragrances that tend to stay on the skin longer, allowing for a more intense and lasting olfactory experience. A trick to further amplify their power? Use solid perfumes as a base for your eau de parfum or eau de toilette.

They are moisturizing and nourishing for the skin

Unlike alcoholic-based sprays that can dehydrate and irritate the skin, solid perfumes are nourishing and moisturizing to the point that some are already talking about the "skincare-ization" of fragrances. These products incorporate oils rich in vitamins, moisturizing factors, and other cosmetic ingredients that, in addition to aromatizing the body with floral notes, provide nourishment and hydration to the skin.

They are a beauty accessory

Thanks to their compact format, they are convenient to carry anywhere, but they are also very stylish to show off in public. Often their super chic packaging has fun and elegant shapes, captivating colors, and precious decorations that make them beauty accessories to collect, like small mirrors or luxury lipsticks. Moreover, the gesture to apply them can be extremely discreet and sensual, adding a touch of extra charm to the wearer.

They are sustainable

Solid perfumes do not need a glass container or a pump to be used; their packaging is simpler than the liquid version, so they require less packaging, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Therefore, by buying them, we also feel more virtuous, contributing in our small way to the sustainability that the product respects through responsible ingredient sourcing and eco-conscious packaging.

Solid perfumes to buy now: