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The benefits of facial massage

No, it won't really change the shape of your face, but it still has benefits

The benefits of facial massage No, it won't really change the shape of your face, but it still has benefits

Facial massages are a trend. It all started with traditional Chinese medicine rituals that have become mainstream, with the popularity of using gua sha, jade rollers, and similar accessories. However, just take a look at TikTok or Instagram to realize that the phenomenon of facial manipulation remains very current. For example, there is a certain @anastasiabeautyfascia who extols The Fascia Strategy, a new technique for sculpting the face, claiming that massaging the fascia, defined by her as "like a suit that covers the entire body and face," is the beauty secret to detoxify, release tension in facial muscles, stimulate circulation, and look younger. It's a pity that this very thin piece of fabric is located under three layers of skin, above the muscle. Yet, videos on the topic multiply, as do other techniques that, complete with before-and-after photos, promise to sculpt the face without resorting to Botox, buccal fat removal, plastic surgery, or other invasive methods. Facial massage doesn't require lasers, microdermabrasion machines, or high-tech tools, but according to many creators, it yields surprising results: it makes wrinkles and double chins disappear, narrows the nose, addresses hooded eyes, refines the jawline, enhances cheekbones, and lifts eyebrows. But is it really so? Let's clarify a bit.

What is a facial massage?

It's easily understandable: a facial massage is simply the act of massaging the face. Like any other type of massage, it is a technique that manipulates the muscles and can be done with fingers, with a tool like a hot stone or a jade roller, or with specific exercises such as face yoga.

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Can facial massage alter facial features?

The short answer is a resounding no. Despite what TikTok says, facial features cannot be shaped as if we were Play-Doh puppets. Even massaging for hours with every technique and tool possible, we will never be able to sculpt our face like Bella Hadid's unless we already have her bone structure. The structure and shape of the face are determined by underlying bones, fat distribution, and skin elasticity. The best facial massage in the world cannot alter bone structure, firm the skin, or restore volume by plumping sagging cheeks or filling under-eye hollows. The only way to truly shape the face is to use injectable cosmetic products or opt for surgical interventions.

The lifting effect is illusory

So why does the face appear more toned, sculpted, and features more chiseled in post-massage images? Facial massages do nothing for wrinkles, skin sagging, or hooded eyes, but the techniques stimulate circulation through lymphatic drainage. The act of pushing lymphatic fluid, responsible for introducing white blood cells between organs, towards the lymph nodes creates an episodic and non-permanent deflation effect that seems to redefine contours and shapes.

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What are the benefits of a facial massage?

It may not make us look like one of the Hadid sisters, but facial massage still has several benefits. The key is to do it correctly and have realistic expectations. Let's see what they are:

  • Improves circulation and stimulates blood flow,
  • Can help increase collagen production,
  • Can improve the appearance of the skin, reducing inflammation and swelling in the treated area,
  • Gives a temporarily more volumized and radiant look,
  • Relaxes and relieves muscle tension,
  • Through lymphatic drainage, may have a mild effect on fine lines, wrinkles, or any swelling in certain areas of the face,
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of beauty products by facilitating their absorption.

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Are there any contraindications for facial massage?

Not performing a massage correctly can cause a series of undesirable problems for the skin. Friction, excessive pressure, or the use of inappropriate tools can irritate the skin and damage the skin barrier, causing inflammation, clogging pores, and potentially leading to the development of acne or other skin issues. Additionally, some massage techniques or aggressive movements can pull the skin, contributing to skin sagging or loss of elasticity over time. It is important to seek the help of a professional or, in the case of do-it-yourself, learn the right movements and always use a serum, oil, or moisturizing tonic for smoother application.