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Hairstyles to protect hair from the sun

5 Passepartout hairstyles to cope with the scorching sun and heat even on the beach

Hairstyles to protect hair from the sun 5 Passepartout hairstyles to cope with the scorching sun and heat even on the beach

Ready for the holidays? Have you stocked up on deodorant and sunscreen for your face and body? We're sure there's no shortage of travel-sized beauty essentials in your suitcase alongside bikinis, sarongs and beach towels to recreate the best makeup trends, but maybe you forgot to think about your hair. Summer is one of the seasons when we should all take better care of our hair because prolonged exposure to the sun, UVA and UVB rays, salt spray and chlorine can damage it, leaving it dry, discoloured, brittle, frizzy, lacking shine and vitality and also at risk of scalp burns. But that's not enough. Sweat and environmental pollutants exacerbate problems such as dandruff, split ends, grease and hair loss.

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To avoid these risks, it is necessary to use a hair sunscreen that, thanks to the UVA and UVB philtres contained in its formula, forms an invisible film that shields the rays and also protects the hair fibre from contact with salt and chlorine, preventing it from drying out. There are other little tricks we can use to avoid scalp damage, such as wearing a hat or choosing a hairstyle that protects the hair from exposure to the sun. Ponytails, braids, chignons, beach waves, semi-braids, ... the possibilities are many. G-club has selected five that you can show off to not only look pretty, but also protect your hair and - why not - beat the heat in style.


Wet hair

Bathing your hair in the sea, perhaps emerging from the waves like a new Venus, not only makes us feel beautiful, free and wild, but it's also a great way to cool down and create a kind of instant blowout. Covered in salt, the hair absorbs iodine in the cuticle, strengthening its bond and making it appear more sculpted in the crease. Especially if you wear a bob like Hailey Bieber, just backcombing your wet hair is enough to get a cool hairstyle effortlessly. Whether you have long or short, straight or curly hair, when exposed to the sun and wind, the strands will dry out unevenly, resulting in a slightly damp and wild effect that looks like a charming mermaid, connected to nature and naturally seductive. A tip: If you're worried about the salt drying out your hair too much, apply a conditioner without rinsing before jumping in.


Beach Waves con una fascia o una bandana

Headbands and bandanas not only add a touch of style to our summer looks, they also help control puffiness and dry hair more evenly after swimming, and they protect the scalp from the sun's rays, preventing sunburn. So don't forget to put them in your beach bag. They're great for loose, curly hair or beach waves, like Valentina Ferragni wears. If it's too hot for you to let your hair loose, you can braid two braids of damp hair. When your hair is dry, you can get a slightly wavy look even with straight hair.


Top knot and chignon

A top knot and chignon have the advantage of hiding the scalp and protecting it from harmful UV rays. If you opt for a straight cut, it's also an easy way to let your hair dry evenly and stay disciplined. Whether you wear it high or low just depends on your personal taste, but remember to pull your hair back without parting it with a centre or side parting to keep your scalp out of direct sunlight. You can secure it with hair clips or a scrunchie, perhaps to match the costume.


High ponytail

The barbie ponytail is the hairstyle of summer 2023, but it's not only trendy, it's also practical and useful for keeping you feeling cooler and protecting your scalp from sunburn. The most important thing is not to part your hair. If you choose to part your hair, apply some sunscreen to the crown. Do the strands look too clumpy for a ponytail? Then tie them into a single braid.


Hair clip

The hair clip is the passe-partout beauty accessory of the summer. It's best to always have one on hand to tame unruly curls and protect your face, neck and shoulders from the sultry heat. With so many tutorials out there, we certainly don't need to remind you how to use it, but just in case, we'll do a little review: Gather your hair into a low ponytail, twist it clockwise around itself, bring it to the nape of your neck and secure it by closing the clip. Et voila, the game is up!