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Nike and Gurls Talk celebrate the power of women's football

In the documentary "Spit Fire, Dream Higher"

Nike and Gurls Talk celebrate the power of women's football In the documentary Spit Fire, Dream Higher

The Women's World Cup that just came to an end and that saw a historic win for the United States, turned on the spotlight on a sport that has always been male-dominated, showing to everyone that talent and determination have no gender. The fact that the Nike jersey of the US Women's Football Team was the most sold of this season, proves that the audience is totally passionate about this sport. After having proved their value in the field, female footballers are now ready to demand equal rights and equal pay. 

On the occasion of such an important event, Nike has joined forces with Gurls Talk, the platform founded by model Adwoa Aboah, that has always presented as a safe place where to discuss freely of mental health, body shaming, self-acceptance and female empowerment. After having designed a real football jersey for the World Cup, Gurls Talk presents now the documentary Spit Fire, Dream Higher: 42 minutes that celebrate the value of football and of the girls that practise it, highlighting the central role the sport plays in these girls' lives. 

As Nike explains, these young women "find happiness in the field and use it as a fuel to change their lives, while building relationships within their community." Adwoa Aboah, the narrator of the film along with PSG striker Nadia Nadim, also repeats this:

In this journey, we have seen girls from all over the world who have fought oppression and continue to be resistant through their love of football. The documentary really celebrates them and the grassroots communities they belong to.