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Wicker: from interior design to fashion

A material that connects indoor and outdoor spaces with zero effort

Wicker: from interior design to fashion A material that connects indoor and outdoor spaces with zero effort

Everyone will have in their summer memories space for an image of a wicker basket, containing fruit or freshly picked cloths. Beyond the idyllic recall of memories, the material has been and will be a trend for 2021 interiors, especially to bring a touch of outdoor at home. Mixing the environments in a fresh and innovative combination, the natural textile fiber gives warmth and lightness, is also used in fashion accessories in vogue in this summer season, such as bags in raffia YSL and beach bags Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza. Wicker has a long history and an origin to discover, which is intertwined with interior design in an interesting union between tradition and innovation, not a style to use only in summer. Identikit, evolution and fashion and design elements to incorporate it into your own living room and personal style all year round.

Historical notes

The weaving of wicker (and wood-like materials in general, including wine vines) comes from the spirit of human observation, which started replicating in ancient times the structure of bird’s nests. A widespread practice already in the time of the Ancient Egyptians, the weaving of wicker, cane, rush and similar materials was used to produce resistant tools, first suitable for the transport of agricultural materials, then for decorative elements. Arrived in Europe in the seventeenth century, with the English Industrial Revolution it established itself as an oriental style with a boho taste, which however has artisanal importance all over the world. In the countryside of northern Italy, for example, the interweaving tradition is still very much alive.

Versatility for indoor and outdoor use

Chrissy Teigen's office confirms it: wicker is not a material to be relegated to outdoor furniture. With the right combination, such as a soft pillow in sheep’s hair (also synthetic) or a blanket in the animal print preferred, wicker fits perfectly with the environment more interior-oriented, to stay cozy in the coming winter. While with some types of decor it is necessary to exaggerate to get the desired look, with wicker you have to be careful: too much braided in the house can create the effect "garden inside". The boho-chic atmosphere that is created with a few simple details in wicker is relaxing and cared for, cheeky and definitely not boring, perfect for the home of those who are really busy but love to be surrounded by aesthetic elements comforting.

Wicker for every room

If the desire to see the house with wicker elements is stronger than anything but the fear is getting an effect too country or from home to the sea, the key is not to overdo. Identifying one or two wicker elements to integrate into each room of the house will create a fil rouge that runs through all the areas used, making the furniture consistent with the aesthetic intention. In the kitchen, where food and fantasy are the masters, a wicker tray where to store cups and a basket where to store fruit are the perfect tricks to integrate wicker. Smart choice for the living room instead is a chair, maybe with a particular backrest or a tight weave, or an opening basket to store blankets or books. In the bedroom, a wall mirror with a patterned wicker frame, also perfect for selfie fit checks.

Wicker in fashion

Wicker is also very fashionable. The key accessory of the summer, in fact, was undoubtedly the tote bag in natural fiber woven. All the brands of the moment have interpreted according to their codes the indispensable companion of beach and city, which absorbs the desire of summer in any look. With the end of the summer season Raffia Clutch by Saint Laurent designed by Anthony Vaccarello and the whole collection in raffia, along with the colorful bucket bags by Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza, Fendi, Valentino and Altuzzarra among others will surely be stored in the closet, given the seasonality of the accessory. Although the time when it will be ok to show off wicker in December seems very far away, hope is always the last to die.