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The home decor trends for summer, inspired by the sea

Home decor tips to bring the sea into your home, even in the city

The home decor trends for summer, inspired by the sea Home decor tips to bring the sea into your home, even in the city

The sea is a state of mind. The shades from blue to white intertwine with the blue of the sky, the yellow of the sun, and the beige of wicker color on the hottest days of the year realizing a way of life that is based on calm and enjoy the present moment. With the right setting, any summer experience can become unforgettable, even within the walls of your own home, to fully experience the essence of the sea. To channel the desire for freedom and nature we love so much even at home, both at the sea and in the city, insert furniture elements with a maritime theme can really change the effect of the spaces in which you live hours at home. At the center of the spotlight is the kitchen, a place where the most delicious culinary magic takes place during the summer, while the bedroom and the living area the role of welcoming guests and owners in a relaxing and relaxed atmosphere. A selection of details to be inserted in your place of the heart made following the call of the sea and the trend of the marine home decor of the last period because the detail is enough to evoke tons of feelings and memories.



Mediterranean decorations

Villa d'Este Tivoli Sicily Set for 6 people
Palermo Blu Vase Holder
La Double J "Pineapple" Dessert Plates
Salina I Single Tablecloth
Caleffi Portofino Photographic bed sheets

The fantasy of majolica is hypnotic and encloses the history of Italian culture of the Middle Ages mercantile. The bright and contrasting colors are able to transport immediately to the scents of the Mediterranean paradise and give a hint of vivacity to every environment. Placemats and tablecloths decorated with a marine theme, perhaps with details that recall the seasonal fruit such as Sicilian lemons and Sicilian patterns rich in arabesques are perfect for lighting up the table, both in a traditional kitchen for dinners in the garden or in the balcony. Serving plates and decorative majolica to hang on the walls are another stratagem ideal to add a particular accent to the living area, especially if there is so much light. In the bedroom the softer and echoing blue versions relax the limbs.


Aquatic flora and fauna

Westwing Collection Velour shell pillow
Davide Micciulla "Floating Conch" Poster
Ice cubes maker - Sea animals
Shell vase in terracotta
Coin Casa Blue Coral cotton and wool seat

Bringing natural elements back into the spaces of your dwelling greatly enriches the emotional park of the environments. Go on with accessories: shells, corals, stones, fish and rocks, all strictly in marine palette. Sardine-shaped rubber snacks and moulds for popsicles in the shape of a shell, coral and seahorse are perfect to present an aperitif based on fish after a long day. The shells are an elegant piece of furniture that immediately raises the bar of sophistication: a cushion in the shape of a shell makes any sofa or bed the place to dive without guilt, while lamps and ornaments if lamps or ornaments are not natural enough


Lighting by sea wolves

Saint Jouan - Wooden Lamp
Maisons du Monde - Acacia wool lamp and cotton lampshade
Korab Solar LED lantern
Maisons du Monde Chandelier of lithospheric and glass

The lamps are perhaps one of the most useful tools at sea to make their way into the darkness of the night. To bring home 100% salty scent and true travel, the lamps inspired by the world of fishing and marine research are perfect, although seemingly spartan: their practicality blends well with all styles of furniture, And they’re not going anywhere else.


Natural elements

Hay "W&S" Vase
Coin Casa Wooden Coaster

Coin Casa Wooden Coaster

Coin Casa Photoholder

Coin Casa Photoholder

Amy Pocket Emptier
Pols Potten Jug Glass and Reed Holder
Villa d'Este Tivoli Glasses Set
Cote Table Coral patterned tablecloth

The scent of salt permeates the wood of the docks of the ports, a material concrete but at the same time romantic. In its softer shades, lightened by sea water and the marine ecosystem, wood is an excellent material to be included in the decoration of any space in the house to bring a natural touch. Even wicker and straw are to be chosen to give a more Mediterranean twist to their spaces, especially in furniture but also in accessories, seemingly useless but fundamentally essential.