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5 home fragrances brands of the celebrities

To make your house smell like Kim Kardashian or JLo's place

5 home fragrances brands of the celebrities To make your house smell like Kim Kardashian or JLo's place

Smell is perhaps the most undervalued sense. It can play a key role in creating and awakening memories, influence our mood, creating a cuddling atmosphere and giving a sense of well-being even in the darkest moments. Having a good perfume on is not only a way to complete an outfit, but a declaration of intent to the world. In times of restrictions and social distance, the need to feel a good perfume that represents a mood rises at home too, and transforms into the 2020's beauty industry leading product. After the celebrity fragrances frenzy of the 2000s, the olfactory trend has evolved into interior fragrance products and scented candles. The wellness industry is expected to exceed 1.1 trillion in revenue in 2023, which is why Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow but also Drake, Kylie Jenner and many other celebrities selected their favorite smells and proposed them to the public in a stick form. The idea linked to a public figure moode and aura, becomes concrete and available to be infused in your space and intoxicated by, enjoying the magic touch of the power of aspiration. Celebrity home fragrances are able to create a perfect atmosphere for a cozy and safe space, let's discover together the collections of indoor fragrance and scented candles of our favorite celebs.

Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow

It was Gwyneth Paltrow to start this all up with the perfume candles "This Smells like My Vagina" and "This Smells like my orgasm". Mom of the trend of celebrity candles, which today boasts worldwide interest the American actress, flanked by a brilliant marketing office, proposed her candles for the first time in January 2020 and they all stayed home to sniff them. Her brand "Goop", born as a lifestyle blog in the form of a newsletter in 2008, is today the leader in the world of wellness and beauty, with skincare collections and supplements to be as natural as the blonde CEO.


Key Soulcare

The queen of soul has repeatedly shown to have character in the matter of image. The no-makeup period and her unmistakable voice have consecrated Alicia Keys as an icon of self-love without filters, to show with the outer beauty what really shines inside. These maxims have become the motto of the singer’s brand, which with Keys Soulcare wants to elevate its audience: the candle "Sage + Oat" promises to infuse a moment of reflection with well-being through the warm and enveloping notes of sage and oats.

KKW Candles

When we talk about beauty business we also talk about Kim K. The entrepreneur superstar in fact immediately picked up the new interest in interior fragrances and dedicated a collection of 3 candles with minimal design, perfect also as a piece of furniture, with winter-themed fragrances. Does it have in store also a launch to accompany on sweet fruity notes even the hottest season?


Kylieskin Candles

Kylie follows in Kim’s footsteps also in business, adding a personal touch to the candle collection to give a heavenly, dreamy and even holiday smell at any time of the day. In the bundle of Kylie Skin candles the dominant notes are flowered, followed by vanilla, coconut and gardenia, to accompany a bath full of foam and relaxation.


Promise by Jennifer Lopez

JLO needs no introduction. For years in the beauty business, the pop diva has already launched the beauty of 30 perfumes in collaboration with specialized companies such as Coty Inc. and Designer Fragrances of NY. With its latest launch, Promise, now also faces the world of indoor fragrances, with the spray format accompanied by a scented candle of the same fragrance, which promises really well. The word of Jlo.

The eyes full of stars by Taylor Swift

With her new album "Evermore" Taylor Swift dusted off her country soul as an American princess, and intelligently accompanied the launch with a themed candle. " The eyes full of stars" is based on natural soy wax, with a woody fragrance, which takes up the introspective mood of the last album. The candle has gone sold out several times, but is still available here.