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Sex & The City will officially get a reboot

Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are coming back, but without Samantha

Sex & The City will officially get a reboot Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are coming back, but without Samantha

Update 06.10.21: The confirmation arrives directly from the stars of the show Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis on their respective Instagram profiles. The trailer shows the title of the reboot "And just like that..." produced by HBO Max and arriving on the platform next December 2021. It will open a "new chapter" of the series, in 10 episodes, which will tell the story of life and friendship of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte during a new phase of their life, the age of 50. We can not wait!

The rumors about the third movie on Sex & The City have been running for several years. Every project trying to reunite the quartet of TV's most popular friends has always failed due to various reasons, but now fans can start hoping again because, according to well-informed sources, a reboot of the series is in the works. According to Deadline and Page SixHBO Max is reportedly planning some new episodes of the show based on Candance Bushnell's novels starring the original cast.

Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are about to come back with new adventures and new loves, but without one of the audience's most beloved characters. It seems almost certain, in fact, that Samantha will not appear in the mini-reboot. Kim Cattrall, the actress who plays her, has often remarked that for her SATC is a chapter closed forever, especially because of the feud with Sarah-Jessica Parker, which culminated in 2018. On the occasion of her brother's death, Cattrall had commented on her set colleague's social condolences with these harsh words:

Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already) You are not my family. You are not my friend. 

Some people hypothesize that Samantha could have a new face, perhaps that of Sharon Stone, but, at the moment, these are just speculations.

If Kim Cattrall seems to be out of the project, Sarah-Jessica Parker, however, would be thrilled to bring Carrie Bradshaw back on screen, as she said in a series of recent interviews:

I would love to see where I am today. The world has changed a lot since the series, but also since the movies. It would be interesting to know what Carrie thinks about it.

The actress confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that "she’d like to do some episodes". For her, it would not be a reboot but "a revisit" of the show.

I’d like to see where all of them are. - Said Sarah-Jessica - I’m curious. The world has changed even since the movie. I mean, the world has changed so much; technology and social media. Those characters never talked about social media, which I think would be really interesting, and also sexual politics and the #MeToo movement. I think Carrie Bradshaw would just be so greedy to share her feelings and thoughts.

So far, the Sex & The City reboot has not been officially confirmed by HBO or by the actors starring in the series, but let's keep our fingers crossed! Stay tuned to G-club for future updates.