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Milk Makeup Cannabis Face Mask: a hydration boost in a stick

Made of cannabis oil and clay, the mask guarantees hydrated and radiant skin

Milk Makeup Cannabis Face Mask: a hydration boost in a stick Made of cannabis oil and clay, the mask guarantees hydrated and radiant skin

It is eight o'clock on a cold autumn Monday morning, with an enormous effort you wake up and you realize that you are later than Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral... You arrive in front of the mirror for the only joy of the morning: your very personal skincare routine. In addition to the tired eyes caused by a sleepless night, there is also the dry skin caused by the cold. Did we mention we hate winter?

It may seem like a nightmare, but don't panic, because there is a solution: the Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask by Milk Makeup, one of the most innovative brands of the last few years, number one in vegan beauty. All the products of the brand are vegan and, consequently, cruelty-free, paraben-free and silicon-free. But the most original fact is that they created beauty and skincare products in stick format. Just like this mask: a concentrated hydration boost in a comfortable stick.

The packaging

By carefully analyzing the product, the first thing that catches the eye is actually the packaging. The box that contains the mask is minimal: a green paper box, with the brand logo, on the back the name of the product with a brief description, and below the list of ingredients. The box is obviously made of recyclable paper, while the stick is entirely made of plastic (also recyclable once the product is finished). The latter is in the same green palette as the outer packaging, with a matte coating that makes it pleasant to the touch.

The product and its ingredients

As soon as you open it you will not smell any perfume, as the product is fragrance-free. The texture of the mask is very light, but at the same time fluid in application. The product should be applied all over the face, leaving it to act for only 5-10 minutes and then rinsing with simple warm water.

But let's move on to the most important part: the ingredients.
The ingredients in greater quantities (always indicated first on the list) are the most moisturizing ones like aloe, glycerin and the absolute protagonist: Cannabis seed oil. The latter has several beneficial properties: it maintains hydration, attracting moisture into the skin; it is soothing, reducing inflammation and redness; it is antioxidant, also helping to prevent breakouts; finally it can enhance the properties of the moisturizing ingredients with which it is combined.

Also among the main ingredients we find clay, in fact the product belongs to the clay-masks family. There are also, in smaller quantities, extracts of arnica, rosemary and calendula, known above all for their anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use it

Already after the first use, the skin is visibly smoother, softer and hydrated, without causing irritation or redness.
Despite the excellent formula and the remarkable results, we recommend using it 1-2 times a week for the following reasons: like all clay-based masks, it should be used weekly rather than daily (such as those in fabric for example); Although it is a rinse off mask, the presence of arnica in a product for daily use could increase the risk of skin irritation in the long term.

The Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask is recommended especially for those who need a hydration boost, in a short time and with immediate results - also ideal right before an important appointment / occasion! A quick solution for those who are always in a hurry but want to look hydrated and radiant!