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Byredo's artistic perfumery

Waiting for Colors Outside The Lines, the brand's first make-up collection

Byredo's artistic perfumery Waiting for Colors Outside The Lines, the brand's first make-up collection

It is quite unexpected for a fragrance brand like Byredo to launch a make-up line. But it's not the first time that the Scandinavian maison surprised us with something unusual: when founder Ben Gorham launched the iconic Gypsy Water perfume, its original name, the minimal bottle and the woody notes were not common and easy to understand. Yet, it took very little time for everyone to fall in love with the brand and its visionary founder. More than that, recently the brand also launched sneakers and suits produced in a sustainable way, a line of sunglasses, bags and leather accessories.

The first make-up line of the brand was recently announced and is already highly anticipated. Working alongside Isamaya Ffrench, one of the most revolutionary make-up artists, Ben Gorham created an innovative project that fully reflects an open source approach to beauty that contrasts commercial standards in favor of ethical ingredients and an inclusive mindset.

Connected by a universal love for colors, inspired by books, photographs, films, art and design objects, Ffrench and Gorham have managed to transform their ideas into a make-up line with a vintage atmosphere: just think that Gorham has referenced ancient gypsy relics and artifacts to create the curvilinear packaging. The line includes 16 multipurpose colored sticks, 15 lipsticks, lip balm, mascara, black liquid eyeliner and three eyeshadow palettes.

We wanted to create not only an innovative and interesting product, but also to challenge the way people use them. We want to give people the means for self-expression, to play with make-up and to make it look like something creative rather than just a tool to cover up spots and dark circles" - said the creators.

Isamaya Ffrench is a British make-up artist and creator of “wearable art”. Her art takes various forms, from majestic earphones and Vogue covers, to make-up for models and celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner even on the catwalks. Jesse Kanda is instead the artist behind the image of the campaign, known for his works with "alien" characteristics: even if it may seem far from the traditional aesthetic of the brand, the campaign offers bright colors, dark atmospheres, which culminate in the choice of the famous jacket with extra all-over studs by Balenciaga.

Destroyer, Syren, Space Black. In fact, they are not the titles of films on intergalactic battles, but the extravagant names of some of the products of the new Byredo make up collection. Ready to discover it? Here are the 3 most anticipated products of the upcoming make-up line and the 3 must-have products selected by nss G-Club.

The Color Stick is the most interesting product of the collection, in 16 shades (vanilla scented) enclosed in a multi-function stick that can be worn simultaneously on the eyes, lips and cheeks.

""I like the idea that each of us can have a colored stick in the bag regardless of skin tone or where we are in the world, everyone can wear that color on their face," explains Ffrench.

The long-lasting rose-scented Space Black mascara is both water and moisture resistant. Its dark shade can also be applied with a short silicone brush to achieve the ideal lash length. And finally the Lipstick: for each of the 15 shades, these lipsticks offer a satin and silky finish. The shades are designed to complement all skin tones and boast very Instagrammable names. Divorce, Dancehall Queen, Red Armchair and Worship Her are among the best.

All products will be available from October 1st to the site


Here are the must-haves to get to know and understand the essence of the brand.


Bal d'Afrique Eau de Parfum

Bal d'Afrique Eau de Parfum

A fragrance that refers to the interpretation of a warm and romantic vetiver, in a euphoric mix of avant-garde and exoticism that has fueled the artistic life of Paris.



Mojave Ghost Body Lotion

Mojave Ghost Body Lotion

A body milk inspired by the homonymous fragrance with a light and graceful character that leaves the skin soft, smooth and radiant.



Bibliothèque Candle

Bibliothèque Candle

A candle handmade in France with blown glass, cotton wick and specific wax characterized by the black color. Its woody scent is a perfect balance between leather, peach and vanilla.