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Beauty Tutorial mania: the best and the worst of YouTube

From models' hacks to the mistakes to avoid, the beauty industry lives above all through these visuals

Beauty Tutorial mania: the best and the worst of YouTube From models' hacks to the mistakes to avoid, the beauty industry lives above all through these visuals

Internet is a wonderful place. An endless source of information and content, from all over the world, at any time of the day or the night. And while at the beginning with Facebook and Instagram we were all focused on the images, recently thanks to the introduction of Stories and the rise of TikTokvideos have begun to take over. There's one area, however, where they've always been the n.1: beauty.

The first-ever beauty vlogger, Michelle Phan, started her career on YouTube as early as 2007, anticipating the trend that was going to explode shortly afterwards. In fact, while we need just a nice picture and a nice pose of the on-duty pretty girl to admire a fashion outfit, when we talk about makeup things are different. We have no idea of the products that have been used, to what extent and using which technique. Beauty tutorials as long-form videos have come to the rescue, answering all the questions. Every month more than 50 million people watch more than 1.6 billion minutes of video tutorials dedicated to beauty, as you can read on the very detailed Wikipedia page on Beauty YouTuber

On this single-channel, a user can be both a consumer or a content creator, keep up with the news and inform the audience. This of course widely affected the knowledge based-repository until then: women's magazines. For example, the founder of Allure Magazine Linda Welsh has been replaced by a much younger and tech-savvy editor, who decided to work with beauty vloggers, rather than trying to ignore them. Also because it’s simply impossible to do so: YouTube and IGTV have millions of themed videos, always up to date and suitable for any occasion. Makeup inspo, product reviews, Q&As, dos and don'ts by the best makeup artists in the world, daily celebrity routines... 

Seeing them all would be impossible, even for the most eager beauty enthusiast, but we have made a compilation with our favourite categories ever. Watch out: they will become your new drug. 

Model beauty hacks

Okay, not all the tricks are worth watching 15-20 minutes of video (for example when a beautiful model tells you that one of her beauty secrets is her "personality") but others are really incredible. A lip balm, for example, can also be used to light up cheekbones, fix eyebrows and as an alternative to mascara, while ice cubes pressed on your face help shrink pores, get rid of redness and deflate. Of course, models are also the best it comes to selfie life hacks.


ASMR beauty video

As Google calls them, they are a trend that you probably never even heard of. ASMR videos (literally autonomous sensory meridian response) are designed to relax through music, sounds and gestures. Apply the concept to makeup and hair tutorials and the result will be a moment of complete relaxation, exclusively for ourselves (even if in reality we don’t mean to do our makeup afterwards).

Makeup mistakes to avoid

No one here went to a beauty school. We all began to experiment reading here and there and watching what our moms and friends were doing. Well, probably they would have needed some tips too. Surely by watching these videos, you will understand better what is the unforgivable mistake you are indeed making day after day.

Celeb beauty routine

The 2000s scoops era is over, we do not need a sensationalist magazine telling us that the ultimate Hollywood star is doing a new liquid-only diet. Now celebrities themselves tell us about their daily beauty gestures and they do it from bedrooms and bathrooms that will make your dream. And you don't even need dozens of expensive products, Rihanna just needs 10 minutes to do her daily makeup. The icing on the cake: you get to see stars with no makeup, which never hurts, and you will fully appreciate what well-performed contouring can do.


Beauty experiments

AKA: watching people do pretty weird things. Like trying Victoria's Secret models' diet & workouts, test how much sleep affects your beauty, or give yourself fake permanent freckles. Or also slice expensive makeup with hot knives for no apparent reason.