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It has some effect if you happen to meet a TV personality. It has even more effect when the age difference is minimal and you, as close as you may be in age, are far apart. Giulia Salemi is 30 years old and has 1.9 million followers on Instagram. The author, radio presenter and speaker was born in Piacenza and is of Iranian descent. Her mother, Fariba Tehrani, left Tehran at the age of 18 to escape the difficult conditions in her country at the height of the revolution in those years. From the protests in Iran to her own assertion of female empowerment, Giulia has always been very outspoken on social media about often difficult issues. «We are lucky to have a large following so we have a responsibility to be a voice. I do not presume to believe that my opinion or support can change anything, but I definitely feel better when I dedicate my time to a cause I believe in and for which social awareness needs to be created,» she said.

This is the dilemma of our time, so to speak. It's about how much responsibility we viewers and fans give to public figures and content creators who are neither politicians nor activists. And yet - perhaps - each of us, simply by existing, has some responsibility to take sides and speak out on certain issues. «Life is often about expectations. There is an intelligent public that experiences our positions and thoughts as contributions for their own sake, and then there is a section of the public that is only there to criticise anyone who says or does anything. The famous social frustration that has now become an Olympic sport.» (laughs)

hero hero "I do not presume to believe that my opinion or support will change anything, but I certainly feel better when I devote my time to a cause I believe in and for which there is social awareness."
From Miss Italy, to Pechino Express, two editions of Big Brother, first as a contestant in the house and then as a presenter, she ended up in the radio world of R101 and as the host of her own show Salotto Salemi. «With Salotto Salemi, we explore the world of make-up, which is a passion of mine, combined with women's confidence. In the future, I would love to work on my ironic side. I am often a living meme and that makes me think that if we could ground my funny side, we could come up with some funny things.» I do not know if living in the spotlight is something you can learn, «You always have to see yourself 'from the outside' because that makes you better and you should never fool yourself. That's one of the most important lessons I have learned over the years. If you can see yourself from the outside exactly as you are, you can live well with yourself in the spotlight.»
In April, Giulia Salemi turned 30. «Every year that passes and every goal you achieve gives you confidence. I was born a chronically insecure person who thought of herself as ugly. So the comparisons that life offers you serve to make you grow and give you security.» But it is not easy, because today there are so many boys and girls in their 30s who do not have a decent salary, who cannot afford a house and an 'adult' life as our parents lived. There are also many 30-year-olds who have no job at all.
«I was born into a modest family, grew up in modesty and moved to Milan at the age of 20 with 500 euros in my pocket. If I do not have economic problems today, it's because I have certainly been luckier than others, but I can assure you that I worked tirelessly and no one ever gave me anything. I have never had any other form of livelihood than that which came from my own efforts and I can assure you that I have had nay-sayers and doors in my face for years without ever losing my confidence, so no, I do not feel guilty about having some privilege today, but at the same time I have respect and great respect for the amount of graduates who, when things are going well, live on a minimum salary per month.» Privilege is only ten letters, and yet there are numerous in-depth sociological studies that have long explored the concept. Those with privilege are responsible for how they respond to the system in which they live and must seek to unhinge the prejudices on which it is based. Acknowledging one's own position is indeed a starting point to becoming a good ally in the struggle for a more just world.
hero hero "Life is often about expectations. There is an intelligent audience that experiences our positions and thoughts as contributions for their own sake, and then there is a part of the audience that instead exists only to criticise anyone who says or does anything."

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