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The new dating's trends

From prejudices to green flags, passing through Artificial Intelligence

The new dating's trends From prejudices to green flags, passing through Artificial Intelligence

We fear dying alone, but we also dread giving our heart (and time) to those who don't deserve it. We'd like to trust everyone, but what happens if we get betrayed and cheated on? If we don't recognize the red flags in time? If after a million first dates, we never get a second one? Regardless of our preferences and approach to relationships - whether monogamous, open, closed, or polygamous - it doesn't matter. The dating world, including apps, constantly changes as user behaviors evolve. Let's see what's happening, amid difficulties and a renewed pleasure in being alone.

Prejudices in the Dating World by Numbers

According to a new research called The Green Flags Study, presented by Tinder, prejudices still influence post-pandemic dating. Among a sample of 8000 people, 91% of women and 94% of men admitted that dating has become more difficult after Covid. 65% of women are convinced that men are only looking for casual flings. Men disagree: only 29% of them admit to this approach. In reality, despite prejudices, there seems to be a great commonality of desires: 53% of men and 68% of women are looking for a romantic relationship. Finally, 74% of women and 84% of men say they seek an equal and balanced relationship, challenging traditional romance.

Artificial Intelligence Enters the Equation

Artificial intelligence plays a new role in this matchmaking world, potentially transforming the sector profoundly. More and more apps use this technology to tweak algorithms, ensuring users have a personalized and effective experience. The latest novelty? The app Heyoosh, the world's first AI personal matchmaker, guarantees not only safe matchmaking but also privacy protection and a safe, judgment-free environment that aims to avoid inappropriate messages and unsuitable matches. Will it be enough to protect us from embarrassing encounters and bitter disappointments? Time will tell.

Solo Dating for Those Who Want No Part of It

On the other side of the fence, there are people who want nothing to do with dating unless it's solo dating, a new wellness trend that (or rather, that has effectively found its definition) on social media. What does it involve? Simply organizing little dates with oneself, going out for lunch, dinner, or a drink, to the movies or a museum, celebrating one's solitude without fear, and instead, highlighting the positive and formative aspects of time spent alone. The idea isn't negative, but it's important not to shut oneself off, closing off possibilities that might be beautiful.

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Expert Advice

So, what should we do? Free ourselves from prejudices, trust artificial intelligence, or just stay alone? If we want to dedicate ourselves to dating with the best intentions and an open heart ready to welcome the good, here are some tips from Paul Brunson, Tinder’s Global Relationships Insight Expert:

  • Respect is fundamental, not just towards yourself but towards everyone.
  • Be yourself: honesty should be the top priority.
  • Listening comes first: developing a connection means communicating.
  • It's important to show yourself transparently.
  • Instinct never lies, and no green flag can override it. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.