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Kristen Stewart is now a different vampire

The evolution of an actress who has exceeded expectations, and a reflection on our relationship with celebrities

Kristen Stewart is now a different vampire The evolution of an actress who has exceeded expectations, and a reflection on our relationship with celebrities

We die with desire and need to have - right there on the screen, right there on the talk show couches, on stages around the world, and in front of journalists' microphones - famous people who make us feel represented, upon whom we can project. We have high expectations, and we're ready to fail or promote someone every time we discover something new about them, to change our opinion even about their appearance, to speculate at will secrets about their sex and love life, and we're not stopped by anything or anyone. Neither by the idea that these people are human nor by the one that parasociality harms us, makes real social interactions difficult, and alienates us from reality. This thing, Kristen Stewart experienced it firsthand, and she came out not only alive but also more powerful and loved than ever.

Kristen Stewart and Twilight, a Complicated Story

The Twilight saga was a publishing phenomenon first and then a cinematographic one, a generational pillar of millennial culture, still discussed today. Full of flaws both on paper and on the big screen, it propelled its protagonists, including Stewart, into international stardom. Complicating matters was her relationship with Robert Pattinson, that for a while left Forks to enter real life. Their fans, even today, would like them together in real life, even though Kristen is officially dating her partner Dylan Meyer and Robert Pattinson has just had his first child with Suki Waterhouse. The two, in reality, seem to be on good terms, but both have expressed some frustration at the rumors about their private lives, and a hint of embarrassment for everything that was the saga of the glittering vampires, for better but especially for worse, amid Mormon references and phrases that have become memes.

Kristen Stewart Today: An Eclectic Career and a Bold Style

Since the Twilight days, Kristen has changed her path in every sense. She decided to focus on less mainstream projects, cut her hair, and ditched the sweatshirts. Following a photo shoot for Rolling Stone - where she posed sexier and more masculine than ever - she openly talked about her relationship with her femininity and with gender altogether, and during the promotional tour for her latest film, Love Lies Bleeding, she dared with poses and clothing, mixing sensuality and provocation, speaking openly about her relationship and not letting herself be intimidated by those who repeatedly asked her to define her sexual orientation. Her ongoing challenge to the very concept of a movie star clashes even in this case with those who would like her to be a perfect LGBT+ flag bearer of social issues that, unfortunately or fortunately - it depends, are only discussed on platforms and clash with a reality infinitely more retrograde and less controllable.

@colbertlateshow Kristen Stewart shares the message behind her Rolling Stone cover, and offers two words for the haters. #Colbert #kristenstewartrollingstone #loveliesbleeding original sound - colbertlateshow

The New Vampire Movie and the Circle Closing

Now to seal this change and close the circle comes a new vampire movie. Titled Flesh of the Gods, it's written by Andrew Kevin Walker and directed by Panos Cosmatos. We don't know much about the plot, except that it couldn't be more different from Twilight's. This film, in fact, in which Stewart will star alongside Oscar Isaac, tells of a couple who, in 1980s Los Angeles, immerse themselves in a dark world of surrealism, strong emotions, and violence. And here what made her famous, the vampire stories, returns in an almost epic ring composition to seal her success as an unconventional and rebellious star, who chooses only projects she believes in and stays away from big blockbusters.